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Cucumber tower, or new cucumber mansions

We will learn about an unusual garden for the production of cucumbers – the cucumber tower.

The taste of a cucumber plucked from its garden cannot be compared with anything … Its hardness, sometimes prickly “needles”, as if it wants to scare us at last, and then – crunch, smell of childhood. In fact, this is a completely different vegetable … Or maybe a fruit, or even a berry?

Cucumber tower

  • We are building a tower!
  • What’s the bottom line? Results and our conclusions

Over the past decade, in country gardens, especially near large cities, the area of ​​garden beds has decreased significantly. Potato plots are overgrown with lawns, perennials have replaced carrots and beets. Berry bushes, which require constant care and attention, are replaced by decorative ones, and apple and pear trees are giving way to pines, willows and oaks.

Passion for design solutions – a flower-garden, flower beds with aromatic spicy and medicinal herbs – allow you to combine beauty and benefit. Thus, traditional greens are still preserved in the modern garden: dill, parsley, celery, salads, horseradish. The latter, by the way, has become, among other things, a fashionable plant, to match the host. In a single planting in a lighted place, horseradish can compete in decorativeness with other perennial herbaceous, and even bloom – northern yucca.

Cucumber tower, or new cucumber mansions

And here the owners of such a garden walk, they see dill, horseradish, oak leaf, an old black currant bush … All this subtly reminds of something, some associations, like in a fairy tale where Gerda walks around the garden, and there is not a single rose. And only when the dill blooms with a fragrant yellow umbrella, they will immediately remember why it blooms at all – for brine! This means that there are not enough cucumbers in the garden! In the end, you can buy for salting, but how can you not “grump” your own, fresh?

We are building a tower!

A cucumber tower or a city – whoever succeeds – can become both a dacha fun and a mini-cucumber plant.

Cucumber tower, or new cucumber mansions

This will require little space, a lot of sun, regular watering, as well as special equipment. We will refer to them:

  • fencing (to taste: galvanized welded iron mesh, wattle, boards, picket fence, stone, etc.),
  • geotextile,
  • fertile soil,
  • film,
  • seeds or seedlings of cucumbers,
  • inspiration.

An empty space in the garden (1-3 sq. M.) – a patch of sunlit – can be found both in the backyard and in the front part of the garden. In any case, the tower will be an interesting landscape design object.

Cucumber tower, or new cucumber mansions

Only building materials were specially used in the design, which made it possible to quickly assemble the tower and, if necessary, also quickly disassemble. So, everything is in order.

1. The design was based on a galvanized welded mesh. She herself wants to curl up into rings and cylinders. We took advantage of this: we rolled several cylinders of different diameters and heights. We fasten the mesh with very convenient electrical clamps.

2. We line the walls with a reserve of geotextile. We used black, but in strong sun it helps to heat up and faster evaporation of moisture. That is, in fact, not bad for cucumbers, if only there was water.

Cucumber tower, or new cucumber mansions

3. We fill in the earth, tamp it. Then we put the next one on a cylinder of a larger diameter – and so on. We water the soil.

The verticality of the structure should be observed so that it does not collapse. To fix the edge of the fabric on the upper end of the mesh cylinders and to protect the plants from the sharp lattice, the edge was designed with a pipe cut along the HDPE, which with its elasticity solved all the problems of the side at once.

Cucumber tower, or new cucumber mansions

4. We plant cucumbers, make a cocoon from a film, securing it with strong clothespins. In one place the film can be easily opened for watering.

5. As they grew, willow sticks were substituted for the cucumbers, in some places the plants were tied up, giving them the direction of development.

Cucumber tower, or new cucumber mansions

What’s the bottom line? Results and our conclusions

The variety of cucumbers we planted was wonderful in every way: tasty, prickly, abundant. The disadvantage that we did not take into account in the creative impulse is his stubborn desire to grow only upward in one lash, but we would like to go down.

That is, a falling cascade of cucumber tops immediately began to be obtained under the influence of the gravity of fruits and leaves, and not due to the property of cucumbers to grow down. Because of this, they suffered a little: they only cling to their antennae to grow up, and from above others fall on their heads with their cucumbers. Next time we will try to plant the so-called balcony varieties that develop downward and immediately branch.

Cucumber tower, or new cucumber mansions

The irrigation system also needs improvement. Sweating under the film almost until the end of June, the plants do not need daily watering. But already in the open air, when fruiting in July, it is necessary to water abundantly, carefully monitor the entire system.

The best, in our opinion, would be a simple capillary irrigation system, made during planting and providing irrigation of the tower on all tiers strictly to the root. Such a system will consist of rings according to the number of tiers bent from the hose. We drill holes in them with a diameter of 1-2 mm every 10-20 cm.Connect with a common water main. The water should be lukewarm, we have it heated in the supply hose of a rather long length.

To implement this or any other solution, you will need irrigation equipment, in a wide range presented in our catalog, which combines the offers of large garden online stores. Select everything necessary for the device of the irrigation system.

A tower or any other structure must be made, taking into account the fact that there will be a constant shadow on the north side, and the cucumbers will be uncomfortable, although we have twisted some lashes to the north side.

Cucumber tower, or new cucumber mansions

And one more thing: we always urge you to do everything fun and together with your children. But here there is a small exception: children and untrained adults recklessly and inaccurately pick cucumbers, pull and trample whips. The safety of the whip is the key to long-term fruiting. So take care of cucumbers – and bon appetit! published by econet.ru

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