Description of a man: the main qualities and advantages of men

A man is a male. It has morphological and functional features that determine gender. It is customary to denote an adult person with this word. A teenager, a child is called a boy, a boy, a boy.

The meaning of the word “man”

In the Russian language “man” is a compound word, where the root is “husband”, “rank” is the suffix, “a” is the ending. In ancient Russian times, the word “husband” was used to identify the representatives of this half of humanity. The root “husband” itself comes from the ancient Indian manus (man, husband).

A real man in the history of mankind

Attempts to create an image of a real man, a description of him, have been undertaken since time immemorial. The most impressive and close to the ideal are the gods, heroes – celestials: Hercules – the embodiment of the ideal of male power and Apollo, considered a model of male beauty.

The development of human society shows that for many centuries, in most societies, men have enjoyed more rights and authority than women. This state of affairs has found consolidation in the dogmas of almost all world religions. This was mainly due to the fact that women were forced to devote considerable time to bearing and raising children. This predetermines their presence within the family.

However, in recent years, mainly in Western civilizations, there has been an increase in tendencies towards equalizing the rights of men and women. It is accompanied by such manifestations as feminism, sexual revolution. These movements are distinguished by organization with a designated purpose – the establishment of real equality between the sexes.

general characteristics

But despite these tendencies, there remains a desire to develop an optimal definition of how to characterize a present man. Moreover, such questions are raised by representatives of both sexes.

handsome man

In modern times, on the basis of numerous studies by specialists in various fields of sociology, it is generally accepted that such a person is a realized person. What are real men – those who have a favorite business, as well as close people. Real men have a family, wife, children, for the life of which he is responsible and loves them.


The history of the development of modern societies has developed a number of criteria that, according to the majority, a real man should have. These include the following:

  1. The man is self-confident. He knows what he needs from life. Knows how to set goals and achieve them. He does not hide his desires, while in relations with others, including with the opposite sex, he takes the initiative into his own hands. Those representatives of the stronger sex who grovel in front of women, try to guess their desires, as a rule, do not cause sympathy. A real man is always confident in himself, can set standards and rules. Knows how to present his demands to others. Can overcome his own weaknesses.
  2. The man is purposeful. This property is a logical continuation of self-confidence. He does not spread about his dreams, does not admonish about their importance, but simply does the necessary work.
  3. The man is stress-resistant. He knows how to control his own emotions. He overcomes adversity and bad weather without hysterical manifestations, does not complain to others, does not complain about fate. By this behavior, he gains respect for himself. Those who complain about failures, about circumstances, are prone to hysteria are considered losers in society. Such representatives of the opposite sex are recognized subconsciously and they try to keep them away from them, to stay away from them.
  4. The man is responsible. This is a person with a formed character, he has no manifestations of infantility. He can take responsibility for himself and his loved ones, for the decisions made. Doesn’t blame the circumstances. Perceived by others, the social environment as an accomplished person, a reliable partner.
  5. The man is successful. This is beneficial to society, society. Differs in hard work, always stands out from others. As a rule, such individuals easily achieve a noticeable social status for themselves. Successful men know how to adapt in real life, they are distinguished by erudition, ingenuity, intelligence. They are immediately visible among the losers and lazy people.
how to characterize a man

It should also be noted that the main core of the character of a strong real man is self-discipline.

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Character traits, personality traits

What is the main thing in a man? The generally accepted norms, character traits with which he should be endowed, are considered to be the following:

  • Masculinity. This quality is characteristic of the stronger sex, who combine strength of mind, nobility, courage, honor.
  • Power. This character trait should be manifested from all sides. He must be strong not only physically, but also morally and spiritually.
  • Courage. It is inherent in those who can stand up not only for themselves, but also for their loved ones. It should be noted that courage must be combined with confidence.
  • Honesty. Not all men have this quality. It takes courage to manifest. Not everyone is ready to admit their own responsibility for failure.
  • Decency. It manifests itself in the fact that a man is able to take responsibility for his actions and behavior, for his family, for relatives and friends. She also expresses respect for the fairer sex.
  • Sense of humor. Strong, real men with this quality endure hardships and troubles more calmly. They inspire confidence with their cheerful demeanor. Men who know how to joke, enjoy life, laugh sincerely, win the hearts of women without any problems. Moreover, this quality can provide invaluable assistance in solving serious problems.
  • Kindness. It is especially important in relation to family and friends. With regard to a wider social circle, it transforms into justice.
Man jogging
  • Mind. For a strong man striving to become real, it is desirable to be distinguished by the presence of a wide outlook. He must be erudite and educated, especially in the area where he applies his skills and abilities.
  • Sexuality. Most believe that this trait should characterize only women, but the description of a man in this regard characterizes his charisma and attractiveness. Male sexuality is a manifestation of liberated confidence, which is not self-confidence. Women say about such – handsome man.
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In view of the above, it is seen that if a man combines at least most of the above qualities, then women, children, relatives and friends can feel safe next to such a person.

Some rules

It should also be noted that a real man takes care of himself, his appearance. But not the one who reverently follows fashion trends and dyes his hair.

In order for him to maintain a certain image, it is recommended to follow some rules:

  • observe personal hygiene, take a shower at least twice a day;
  • follow the hairstyle, contact the hairdresser in time;
  • keep fit, play sports;
  • pay attention to the cleanliness of hands and nails, keep them tidy;
  • clothes on a real man should be ironed, shoes polished.

A description of a present man must necessarily include the message that he has his own opinion based on stable principles. He does not change them, does not adjust to the opinions of others. Such men are always counted on, they are entrusted with responsible work. A strong man in society can give up momentary pleasures in favor of achieving more significant goals.

movies about real men

Usually he is a leader in a company, in a family at work.


The recommendations for a real man include the following:

  • he has no right to be wrong;
  • does not laugh at other people’s mistakes and failures;
  • knows how to learn from his mistakes;
  • can laugh at himself;
  • feels pride for his life, environment, for himself personally, is not ashamed of how he looks;
  • his feelings are not subject to his own personal fears;
  • he does everything possible for the well-being of his loved ones and relatives.
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It should also be noted that the description of the present man includes an item about his hobbies. He must improve his abilities constantly, read books, educational literature, increasing knowledge through them, try to communicate with wise people.

Films about real men

Throughout its existence, cinema has tried to embody on the screen the image of an ideal, real man. Among the successful attempts, several can be distinguished, namely:

what is the main thing in a man
  • “Bondiana”, a series of films about James Bond. His image has been remarkably embodied at different times by such actors as Sean Connery, Pierce Brosman, Daniel Craig and others. At the same time, most note that Bond on the screen is a real man.
  • “Leon”. Luc Besson’s iconic film. Actor Jean Reno managed to create on the screen an exceptionally devoted, caring and responsible person – a real man, although he lives according to the laws of the underworld.
  • “The Shawshank Redemption”. Banker Andy, unjustifiably accused of murder, serving a life sentence, faces lawlessness and cruelty in prison. However, he does not become a victim of circumstances, refuses to put up with the inevitability. Having shown the best qualities of a strong man, he gains freedom.
  • “Poddubny”. Russian film, which tells about Ivan Poddubny, the great and invincible champion. Having gone through trials, he always remained true to his word, a decent and caring person, a real man.

Such a man is always responsible for the word given to him.

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