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Direct lower breathing: a source of energy, beauty and health

The secret of direct lower breathing is that when you breathe in, you direct the air downward and thereby expand your abdomen, and when you breathe out, you contract it. Bottom breathing gives extra volume to the lungs for breathing and works the diaphragm, it easily massages the important organs of the abdominal cavity.

Medical research shows that oriental breathing techniques based on belly breathing have a positive effect on the body. Breathing in the lower abdomen enhances your natural self-healing ability. A number of serious diseases (oncology, diabetes, high blood pressure, mental ailments, liver and kidney problems) are naturally cured by breathing in the stomach. At the same time, the use of medicines is minimized as much as possible.

Direct lower abdominal breathing

The source of inexhaustible energy, beauty, health, longevity is located in our body – in the lower abdomen. This is the so-called house of vitality. Can this engine of life be started? Here is the most readily available method.

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Direct Lower Breathing Technique

  • Sitting starting position
  • Exhale and suck in the stomach, directing the stomach towards the spinal column. Relax and draw in the sternum.
  • We take a slow breath through the nose and realize at the same time how the abdomen fills up and the abdominal cavity expands in all directions, like a beach ball (or ball). It is important to feel that within you an imaginary ball has expanded in different directions.
  • When the entire volume is filled without tension, we breathe out slowly and feel how the energy ball decreases and the stomach falls. This can be done by contracting the abdominal muscles with gentle force and by relaxing the diaphragm. The ball decreases in size, becomes heavier and becomes denser. Delicately tighten the muscles of the perineum from the bottom up.
  • Inhalation and exhalation must certainly be slowed down, continuous, of the same length and as quiet as possible. If you can make the breath unnoticeable, that is very good.
  • We continue to breathe in this way for several minutes, while trying to breathe naturally.
  • Each time we imagine a ball expanding with inhalation and falling down with exhalation.
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Direct lower breathing: a source of energy, beauty and health

At first, we take at least three inhalations and three exhalations.

Purpose of the exercise: To change breathing habits so that Abdominal Breathing becomes a natural way of breathing. This will take some time. With practice, you will definitely achieve a positive result.

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Benefits of direct lower breathing

Performing lower breathing, the person inhales and at the same time relaxes and sucks in the chest, which lowers the diaphragm. Descending, it presses on the organs that are under it (these are the adrenal glands) and pushes them down. This gives extra space for the lower region of the lungs to fill with air. The diaphragm, adrenal glands and kidneys press on the abdominal muscles and force the muscles to bulge outward. When you exhale, the abdominal muscles are pulled inward and press on the organs and on the diaphragm. Therefore, this breathing is called abdominal.

Direct lower breathing: a source of energy, beauty and health

Lower breathing gives extra volume to the lungs for breathing and works the diaphragm, it gently massages the abdominal organs.

When a child is born, he begins to breathe with his lungs. The lungs are rather weak at first. The abdomen helps the lungs to pull the diaphragm downward so that the lower lungs are filled with air. In early childhood, a person continues to breathe with the help of the abdomen. But over time, this ability is lost. Various factors act to change breathing habits, and people begin to breathe exclusively from their chest. And this leads to stagnation in the lower region of the lungs and weakening of organs.

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Chest breathing is energetically less efficient. In this case, more than 1/3 of the lungs are rarely filled with air. Therefore, direct lower breathing is essential for health, youth and longevity. Published by

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