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Dirty Elbow Syndrome: What Can Darkened Elbow Skin Say?

The causes of too dark skin on the elbow joints can be associated with cosmetic defects. For example, dark areas appear when there is strong friction against clothes or constant contact with the table, non-compliance with hygiene rules. If darkened areas are formed without objective reasons, then you should visit a dermatologist, as this may indicate that there are disorders in the body.

Elbow skin as a health indicator

The reason for the appearance of dark areas can be diseases:

Hypovitaminosis – deficiency of essential vitamins A and E, which are essential for the health of the skin, leads to tissue dehydration. Subsequently, the skin becomes thinner, becomes dry, cracks, and on the elbows the skin becomes dull, acquiring a grayish tint.

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Dysbacteriosis – in this condition, disturbances occur in the intestinal microflora, the assimilation of nutrients, vitamins and microelements necessary for the health of the whole organism, including the condition of the skin tissues, becomes difficult. In the case of intestinal dysbiosis, there is increased dryness and discoloration of skin areas on the elbow joints.

Dirty Elbow Syndrome: What Can Darkened Elbow Skin Say?

Psoriasis – on the surfaces of the elbow and knee folds, groups of spots raised above the skin surface are formed. They are excessively dry, often cracked, red or dark in color. They usually appear in places that are often subject to friction or pressure.

Hypothyroidism – with thyroid disease, when the production of thyroid hormones decreases. It is sometimes called dirty elbow syndrome.

Dirty Elbow Syndrome: What Can Darkened Elbow Skin Say?

Diabetes – metabolic disorders in the human body. There may be: decreased glucose utilization, hyperglycemia, high blood sugar, disorders of protein, fat or mineral metabolism. All of these diseases can provoke changes in the color of the elbows, coarse areas of the skin on the elbow joints.

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