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Do-it-yourself wattle making

A wattle fence is a fence made by weaving flexible twigs, which will perfectly fit into the decoration of a garden created in a natural style.

The method of weaving in the manufacture of hedges has been used by our ancestors since time immemorial. You can make a wicker fence yourself, it will create an original rustic flavor in your summer cottage.

How to make a wicker fence

  • How to make a wattle correctly.
  • What to make wattle stakes from?

How to make a wattle correctly

So, you decided to make a wattle with your own hands, but first, let’s find out from what you can make a wattle?

Do-it-yourself wattle making

The structure of the wicker fence consists of vertical pegs driven into the ground, and rods are intertwined between the pegs.

What to make wattle stakes from?

For a long time, our ancestors preferred walnut stakes, walnut has a fairly strong wood structure, and when it dries, it becomes very light. But it is not at all necessary to use a nut, stakes can be made from any wood, it is advisable to use hard species – mulberry, apple, pear, birch, oak, acacia.

Do-it-yourself wattle making

The height of the wattle fence can be any depending on your wishes, but usually it does not exceed 1.5 meters, the stakes must be driven into the ground to a depth of half a meter. The distance between the stakes is also half a meter.

It is important that the distance between the stakes is the same.

We measure the length of the future wattle fence and calculate how many stakes are needed for the fence.

We make stakes from even branches, the thickness of future stakes should not exceed 5 cm, side branches must be chopped off with an ax or cut off with a large knife. We make the lower part of the stakes sharp so that it is easier to drive them into the ground.

In order for the stakes to last longer, the bark must be cut off from them.

If the stakes are stuck into the ground without first treating them with a protective compound, they will rot in 2 – 3 years. Therefore, that part of the stakes that will be in the ground must be processed, you can cover them with bitumen, resin, engine oil, an antiseptic, or just charred a little over a fire.

The stakes need to be driven into the ground about half a meter, the height of the stakes can be the same or out of order. If the fence is up to 1 meter high, then it is enough to hammer the stakes into the ground by 30 cm.

What to make a wattle fence? For the manufacture of a wicker fence, flexible branches of vines, willows, willows, birches are suitable, you can also make a wattle from hazel, mountain ash. The branches should be no more than 3 cm thick and long enough to braid at least 3 stakes.

Branches should be recently cut, dry branches lose their flexibility and do not lend themselves to plaiting. The cut must be made oblique.

Now we start weaving the fence.

Do-it-yourself wattle making

We weave the rods alternately between the stakes, we begin to weave with the thicker part of the rod, so that later the thin part can be hidden in the braid.

When the bar ends, we make a cut obliquely and grow it with the next bar, we also join them obliquely.

We alternate the order of weaving, along the edges of the fence, the rods should protrude 15 – 20 cm from the pegs, this is necessary to make a tight lock along the edges of the hedge. Each row of rods is tightly compacted with the previous one.

The finished wattle can be decorated with clay pots, curly flowers can be planted, the wattle will look very nice next to a flower bed. published by econet.ru

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