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Dynamic plank: 7 super exercise options

The plank is considered one of the most well-known exercises, especially for athletes. With the help of its various variations, you can improve the muscles of the core, increase technical skill, reduce the risk of injury and form a beautiful abs.

Dynamic plank: 7 super exercise options

Plank exercise

1. From the original position of the plank to the “Downward Dog” pose.

This exercise will require you to engage different muscle groups. A strong load falls on the muscle groups of the shoulders, back of the thighs, and calf tissues. Try to keep your feet, shoulders, and hips at the same level when lowering into the plank.

Dynamic plank: 7 super exercise options

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2. Side plank – lower your hips down.

With this exercise, you will strengthen your oblique muscles in your abdomen. The execution requires the exercise of endurance and the ability to maintain balance.… Try to keep the whole body in a straight line, without bending or protruding buttocks.

Dynamic plank: 7 super exercise options

3. Side Plank – Pull your knee up to your elbow.

Perform it smoothly, at a slow pace. This will improve your technique and maximize the load on the desired muscles. Exhale throughout the entire twist. Try to reach with your elbow to the knee, if it doesn’t work, then stretch as far as possible.

Dynamic plank: 7 super exercise options

4. Low plank – hip turns.

When performing, all the main load will be on the abdominal muscles, you will “twist” them. The edges of the thighs move towards the floor, but should not touch it. Follow the correct technique. For maximum effect, keep your feet, hips and shoulders in line.

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Dynamic plank: 7 super exercise options

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5. Plank – “caterpillar”

I. P. – standing, feet shoulder-width apart. Lean forward so that your palms are flat on the floor. Now move your palms forward until your body is in the plank position. Without stopping, move them back, and repeat without getting up in I. P. Move your palms small in order to maximize the effect.

Dynamic plank: 7 super exercise options

6. Side plank – take your leg back and forth.

Correct execution of this exercise will work the hip joints, stabilize the upper torso, and provide an effective abdominal load. Lower your foot slowly and smoothly. Remember to keep your lower arm just below your shoulder.

Dynamic plank: 7 super exercise options

7. Jumping plank.

Try to do it at a fast pace. When you slow down, you put most of your weight on your feet and get tired quickly.

Dynamic plank: 7 super exercise options

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