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Eczema: advice from a dermatologist

Eczema is a fairly common chronic skin condition. When affected by this ailment, the skin itches, turns red, and becomes covered with scales. Possible infection due to mechanical damage to the skin (scratches). Eczema is a disease of all ages, but most often develops in childhood.

Eczema disappears and reappears, so it is beneficial to practice healthy skin care habits. Since dry skin is the root cause of the problem, gentle daily skin care is a way to prevent eczema.

Skin care rules for eczema

A daily shower / bath will be useful, but the interval of contact with water (not hot) is no more than 10 minutes. We use soap when we take care of the armpits and intimate area (it is not required for the whole body, as it deprives the skin of natural fat). After the shower, gently dry off with a towel, patting, avoiding active friction. Apply an active moisturizer to wet skin of the whole body.

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Cosmetics for eczema

  • Choosing cosmetics along the way without fragrances and preservatives.
  • When showering, avoid foaming products and opt for soaps for eczema / sensitive skin.
  • For the face, choose delicate, cream-like cleansers (or lotions).
  • Moisturizing and emollient products based on ointments are excellent at retaining water in the skin.
  • Ceramides are natural lipids that are absent in the skin with eczema. Moisturizers with ceramides can help rebuild the skin barrier.
  • There are also special products for sensitive / eczema-prone skin.

Eczema: advice from a dermatologist

Tips for dealing with eczema

  • We do not use skin scrubs. Mechanical friction creates micro-cracks in the skin, leading to eczema or rashes. Wool and abrasive fabrics predispose the skin to scratching. For clothes we choose breathable natural fabrics (cotton).
  • When caring for the skin, we exfoliate as little as possible. Retinol / alpha hydroxy acid products are very dry skin.
  • Itching is usually more pronounced at night. A cool temperature and optimal humidity in the bedroom will reduce the tendency to itch.
  • When the skin itches, scratching will cause itching even more. PBaths with colloidal oatmeal can be soaked for 10-15 minutes, they soothe dry skin and relieve itching. Cold compresses are also helpful to soothe sore skin.
  • If you have hand eczema, frequent hand washing will irritate your skin. It is helpful to apply hand cream after each hand wash. You can use rubber gloves before washing dishes or coming into contact with household chemicals.
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Nutrition for eczema

It is currently unclear which foods directly cause eczema.… Patients with complex eczema and severe seasonal allergies are at higher risk for food allergies.

Eczema: advice from a dermatologist

We exclude from the diet foods to which there is an allergy, but it is not a fact that the use of these foods causes eczema. If there is no connection between the consumption of a particular food and the occurrence of a rash, restriction in food is not necessary. In any case, a balanced diet with healthy fats and proteins is the best option.

Patients with eczema benefit from taking probiotics every day, and omega-3 fish oil promotes skin regenerationpublished by

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