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Electric oven for a bath: pros, cons, choice

Let’s figure out what are the pros and cons of an electric stove for a bath, and how to make the right choice when buying it.

Can’t imagine a traditional sauna without a wood-burning stove? We understand, but you can’t be so categorical! Now more and more bath owners are choosing electric stoves.

Electric ovens for baths and saunas

Electric sauna stoves have the following advantages:

  • You don’t need to think about where to make a chimney, how to ensure normal draft. If you dream of a sauna in a city apartment, this is the only suitable option.
  • It is possible to automatically adjust the temperature, select the appropriate mode, adjust the water and steam supply. Many electric ovens produce steam themselves; you don’t have to do anything at all.
  • The electric oven can be placed anywhere in the steam room, no special foundation is needed – they are much lighter, for example, brick or stone faced. The main thing is that the socket is nearby, but otherwise the stove can even be hung on the wall.
  • The level of fire safety is increasing.
  • The steam room warms up quickly enough.
  • Electric ones also look advantageous, albeit without the lights of a flame behind a glass door, but attractive and modern.

Electric oven for a bath: pros, cons, choice

There are also disadvantages to electric ovens:

  • Electricity will cost you two to three times more expensive wood, which you can prepare yourself.
  • You need a separate powerful electrical wiring, if the bath has already been built, you will have to be puzzled by its implementation. In addition, if the model consumes from 9 kW, you need a voltage of 380 V. And three-phase current is not available in all houses. We’ll have to apply to Energonadzor for a special permit to increase the voltage. It’s time and money.
  • The authenticity of a real Russian bath is lost with the crackling of wood. However, this disadvantage is indicated only by supporters of the traditional steam room.

Electric oven for a bath: pros, cons, choice

All electric ovens work according to the same principle – they have stainless steel heating elements, which are responsible for heating the room. Sometimes heating elements are replaced with tapes, which are more economical, but suitable only for those who take a short steam bath and rarely. There are combinations – tape and heating elements in one oven. When choosing an electric oven for a bath, pay attention to the following important points:

  • Power. For a steam room of up to 6 square meters, 4.5 kW will be enough, but for a room with an area of ​​20 “squares” you need a stove with a power of up to 18 kW.
  • The capacity of stones also depends on the area of ​​your steam room, for a small room you don’t need much – a bucket is the maximum.
  • The ability to get steam. Some models have a small tank from which water will flow in portions onto the stones, turning into steam. But often you have to buy an additional steam generator.
  • Models with a lattice top, where stones are placed, are preferable – they are more spacious and excess water, which you decide to splash generously, will flow out.
  • Case quality, metal thickness. The thicker it is, the longer the oven will keep warm after it is turned off.
  • The presence of different modes of operation, process automation.
  • Remote control. Very comfortably. It is important that the remote control is able to withstand high temperatures and humidity, otherwise it will have to be left outside the steam room.

Electric oven for a bath: pros, cons, choice

It is better to entrust the installation of an electric stove, if you do not understand anything about electrics at all, to a professional. A separate cable to the switchboard is a must, we repeat! Powerful electric ovens must be located at a distance of at least 30 millimeters from the wall and 60 centimeters from the ceiling. If the oven is wall-mounted, you will need hooks and a frame that are attached to the beams or supporting planks of the steam room.

Important! Metal electric furnaces, you can burn yourself on the body! Therefore, be sure to put at least a decorative fence in front of the stove. Or invest in lining the electric heater with natural or artificial stone, wood. It is both beautiful and will protect you from burns.

Electric oven for a bath: pros, cons, choice

We have written in detail on how to choose stones for a sauna stove. We strongly recommend that you change them once a year, because the stones are gradually destroyed. And dust and stone chips can damage the heating elements. In addition, if you have a steam generator, and the water in your area is hard, filters to protect the heating elements from plaque will not interfere.

Electric oven for a bath: pros, cons, choice

The most popular in our country are electric stoves for baths and saunas from the Finnish manufacturer Harvia, the Taiwanese brand Sawo, also Finnish IKI, Italian EcoFlame, Swedish Tylo, Teplodar. The cost will be very different, depending on the power of the model, the material of the case, the capacity of the heater and the brand awareness. On the network, you can find electric ovens for a bath at a price of 5 to 150 thousand rubles. published by econet.ru

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