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Energy Saving Electrode Type Electric Heating Boilers

It turns out that electricity can be used economically to heat a house.

This does not mean at all that most of the time the system should be idle without heating. Energy-saving electric heating boilers, which have been on the market for more than one year, come to the aid of diligent owners. Unfortunately, not every potential buyer even guesses about the possibility of the existence of such equipment, and even more so about its advantages, design and functionality.

Energy saving electrode boilers

  • Requirements for modern boilers
  • Benefits
  • Electrode boilers
  • General working principle

Requirements for modern boilers

When choosing heating equipment, consumers pay attention to it:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • safety;
  • functionality;
  • profitability during operation;
  • ease of maintenance.

All of the above requirements are met by energy-saving heating boilers powered by electricity. Such devices compare favorably with their gas counterparts, which until recently were considered the most optimal option for private households. The disadvantages of electrical appliances are: their dependence on an uninterrupted supply of energy resources and the high cost of equipment, which, however, tends to pay off quickly.

The owner should take into account that not a single, even the most super economical boiler will solve the problem of energy saving if the house is not insulated at the proper level.

It is recommended to entrust the installation of equipment to specialists, since illiterate connections can lead to serious damage. It will not be superfluous to decide on the technical possibility of connecting an energy-saving boiler to the existing electrical wiring. It is possible that a separate cable will have to be laid to the device and a grounding loop will have to be made.

Energy Saving Electrode Type Electric Heating Boilers


Energy efficient heating equipment is becoming more and more popular. This happens, first of all, because the population today has to reduce the consumption of fuel resources, given the increasing tariffs for their use every year. During the Soviet period, few people were worried about this problem, since the cost of the same electricity was cheap. Under these conditions, citizens are trying to be more prudent, and manufacturers help them save money by creating devices with less fuel consumption while maintaining comfortable temperature conditions.

For energy-efficient electric boilers, additional benefits are:

  • compactness;
  • aesthetics;
  • the possibility of installation in living rooms, and not just in separate rooms;
  • cleanliness – absence of carbon monoxide and ash;
  • unnecessary chimney arrangement;
  • noiseless operation;
  • minimum maintenance costs;
  • maximum comfort in operation;
  • Fire safety.

Energy efficient heating boilers really provide real energy savings. And this happens due to the special design of the main components of the equipment and the physical and chemical reactions taking place inside the circuit. Such electrical appliances can be installed not only on new, but also on previously installed systems.

Until recently, gas boilers for autonomous heating systems were consistently considered the most profitable. But the highways, unfortunately, are not laid everywhere, and even at peak loads, the pressure of blue fuel in the networks can drop significantly, which leads to poor heating of the premises. Power surges, on the other hand, do not have such a detrimental effect on energy-saving electrical appliances. In addition, admission for their installation is not required to be taken, as when installing gas boilers. By the way, the permitting procedure can take quite a long time, and end with a negative result.

Electrode boilers

Such models belong to energy-saving heating equipment. They can perform the function of both main and auxiliary devices, but they can be installed only on closed-loop systems. Electrode boilers can be mounted in cascades, which makes it possible to set up mini boiler rooms serving several buildings.

The high cost of the equipment under consideration, in comparison with the heating elements counterparts, inhibits the rapid popularization of energy-saving boilers. Not everyone wants to look into the future, but the immediate benefit is noticeable immediately. Therefore, not everyone thinks about the further possibility of saving energy. But in vain.

Electrode boilers are:

  • high efficiency – up to 99%;
  • good heat dissipation at low power;
  • durability provided by design features;
  • maximum compactness;
  • modern automation, responsible for safety and maintaining optimal temperature conditions in the house.

The quality of electrode boilers is confirmed by the use of their principle of operation in heating systems located at objects of the defense industry. For example, such devices were installed on submarines and ships.

Manufacturers produce energy-saving single-phase and three-phase electric boilers.

General working principle

Instead of heating elements, an electrode unit is installed in energy-saving electric boilers. The efficiency and duration of the equipment operation is increased by replacing the coolant from ordinary water to distilled water. When using it, the formation inside the heating system is excluded:

  • scale;
  • rust;
  • blockages of pipes, etc.

The operation of electrode devices is based on the process of water ionization. As a result, the molecules are split, which leads to instant heating of the coolant due to the release of a large amount of energy. In other words, the water heats up itself.

The principle of operation of energy-saving boilers allows them to be made as compact as possible, which, in turn, allows their installation even in cramped conditions. Instant heating of the coolant makes it possible to do without a pump, since the energy received can quite cope with the processes of natural circulation of the coolant in the heating circuit.

Energy Saving Electrode Type Electric Heating Boilers

Electrode boilers operate only when the system is filled with a coolant. If for any reason it turns out to be empty, then the electrical circuit remains open, which excludes the occurrence of emergency situations. On the other hand, the fundamental features of the operation of the electrode assembly make the equipment insensitive to possible voltage drops. published by econet.ru

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