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Ergonomics and functionality of small houses

Small houses are the best option for a small family and are distinguished by their ergonomics and functionality.

For a family of several people to live outside the city, the project of a small house is optimally relevant, because “large mansions” are not only initially expensive, but require constant solid investment. Small-sized buildings with sufficient dimension for 2-4 people are characterized by high functionality, modern design and relatively affordable financial contributions for the purchase and payment of energy resources.

Design of small cottages

  • A small area has its advantages
  • How to choose the perfect small cottage project

A small area has its advantages

Cost minimization while maintaining the comfort of living is increasingly popularizing the design of small cottages, which have a number of striking advantages:

  • Small-sized suburban buildings are carried out in the spirit of minimalism, which meets modern design trends. A neat presentable appearance impresses with organic coherence and does not look cheap and consumer goods or arbitrary construction.
  • The design of such structures is carried out in accordance with all the requirements of SNiP, therefore they refer to full-fledged residential buildings in compliance with sanitary standards and comfort requirements.
  • The main feature of such buildings is a variety of shapes, which allows you to design a small-area house on a plot of any dimension and configuration. Such an individual approach guarantees the originality of the building, even when using a typical project, because it must make adjustments related to the use of building materials, forms of premises, decoration features and other things at the request of the customer.
  • Projects of houses with a small area belong to the budget category and in terms of technical documentation and construction costs. In most cases, the customer can limit the budget for the implementation of a turnkey project, which makes it possible to build a country cottage in a short time without a heavy financial burden.
  • An individual project allows you to create a house building from the desired modern building materials. Monolithic, frame or even eco-friendly construction – unlimited options from the technical and architectural side.
  • Small projects of houses and cottages for implementation in reality take little time. Almost in a season it is possible to build turnkey housing construction.
  • The use of modern technologies in the construction of small houses allows you to significantly save money on its further maintenance and payment for energy resources, because for such areas, it is possible to use not only classical energy communications, but also alternative methods of generating heat and electricity.

Ergonomics and functionality of small houses

How to choose the perfect small cottage project

The selection and consideration of design options for a small-sized country house cannot be carried out only from a photo and from “dry” technical characteristics, because all the pros and cons must be taken into account. To make your stay comfortable and long-term, a number of factors must be taken into account:

  • Number of storeys. Usually, projects of small houses involve a maximum of two floors, and the more promising and popular is the arrangement of a residential attic, which significantly reduces financial costs with the possibility of maximizing useful living space.
  • Landscape features. The determining factor for growing plants, arranging the territory and choosing the foundation for the house.
  • Maximum number of occupants. From this parameter, the design of the number of bedrooms and the overall dimension of the building is carried out. In accordance with SNiP, the dimensions of the building are conventionally calculated by multiplying the number of residents by a factor of 40. Staircase model for two-story buildings, since the layout and stylistic design of the interior depends on it. To minimize the occupied space, a model of a spiral staircase is selected, which is also a structural element of the building.
  • Natural and artificial lighting. The construction of housing construction and its design depends on this parameter, since only the installation of window structures can significantly change the image of a suburban home. Ground floor. In some cases, you can expand the useful area of ​​the building by using the space deepened into the ground. The basement floor is often used as a garage, workshop, utility room or even a gym.

Ergonomics and functionality of small houses

Comparison of all factors greatly simplifies the selection or design of small-sized housing construction. published by econet.ru

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