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Essential oils guide

Health ecology. The benefits of AROMATHERAPY have been known since ancient times, and their healing power is still used today. How to choose an essential oil and apply it correctly?

Natural oils – it is they that provide a healing effect, and they are made from environmentally friendly plants. They are highly volatile. If you accidentally leave the bottle open, you will find an empty bottle by morning.

What is useful to know about essential oils

How to avoid counterfeiting?

1. The label will indicate – “100% natural essential oil” or “100% essential oil”, the Latin name of the original plant and the shelf life of the product… Ready-made mixtures of various oils are not fake if there is full information about it on the label;

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2. High-quality natural oil is never cheap, because to obtain 1 ml of oil, you need about 10 kg of raw materials. The cost can vary greatly and depend on the percentage of aromatic substances in the raw materials and the method of obtaining the oil;

Essential oils guide

3. Genuine natural essential oils change their composition under the influence of ultraviolet rays, therefore transparent containers are a sign of a fake. In addition, the bottle must be equipped with a dropper-dispenser, and a ground-in stopper with a first opening ring;

4. The smell should be clean, fully consistent with the natural product, the aroma should be revealed gradually. You will recognize this aroma immediately and will not confuse it with anything;

five. Availability of chromatogram and certificate… They must comply with international GMP and ISO standards.

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Essential oils guide

How to use oil esters correctly?

Saturated smells can cause anxiety, interfere with concentration, and can provoke headaches. Therefore, highly concentrated fragrances should be avoided.

In order to enhance your intellectual work or study with the help of smells, you need to accustom your brain to a specific smell by inhaling the aroma before starting classes. It doesn’t matter which scent you use. Each time, the brain will receive a signal that increased mental activity is required. You can use the oil by dabbing a drop on a garment, a handkerchief, or discreetly sniffing a lemon or orange peel.

Essential oils guide

Any smells affect brain activity, so make sure that there is nothing near the work place that could irritate your sense of smell.

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