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Everything will come in handy on the farm, or why does a summer resident need a “lunokhod”

A motorbike is a useful assistant used in suburban areas. We will learn about the restoration of an unusual technique and about its application.

The heroine of this article, a motorcycle cart is a hello from the past, a rarity in the palette of technical devices used in suburban areas.

Motorcycle restoration

  • Motorcycle pedigree
  • Second life from local Kulibin
  • And the cart came in handy!
  • It’s not a shame for the state

Let’s make a reservation right away that not everyone will be able to use such a technique on their land due to the small area of ​​our summer cottages.

Motorcycle pedigree

The history of this unusual dacha technology is quite long. Such an unusual device was purchased by my neighbor in the country back in 1991. Perhaps it was the general confusion of those years that pushed the neighbor to such an original acquisition. True, he intended to use the outlandish six-wheeled “wheelbarrow” in the most prosaic way – to carry deadwood from the nearest forest to heat his country house.

Surely I will surprise those who are impressed by the cosmic appearance of this “lunar” design: this is not a homemade product, but a conveyor for hard-to-reach mineral deposits! Created in a limited series in the bowels (in the literal and figurative sense of the word) by the Research Institute of the Coal Industry of the USSR! At one time it was produced in Tyumen under the name TS-350 and was declared as a motorcycle carriage for general economic needs.

Two words about the technical data of the unit:

  • gasoline engine 0.6 l (9 HP),
  • gearbox – variator,
  • four-wheel drive.

Everything will come in handy on the farm, or why does a summer resident need a

Many years have passed since then, during which a whole technological era has changed, along the way, changing the social system. Over the years, the country house acquired the main gas supply, and the nearest forest, the planned source of dead wood, was mercilessly divided into plots – and now it is densely built up with summer cottages. And so it happened that there was no more work for the cart.

So the conveyor stood idle, and natural corrosion did not sleep, aggressively covering it with its destructive mesh. Nowadays it is easy to get rid of rust once and for all, and then the neighbor did not have a wonderful anti-corrosion compound.

Everything will come in handy on the farm, or why does a summer resident need a

Over the years, the machine has turned into rusty scrap metal on six wheels. A little more, and he would have reached the point of no return, when nothing can be done, but ..

Second life from local Kulibin

About ten years ago, the idea arose to bring the transporter back to life: in summer, use it as a walking car on forest roads, and in winter – as a micro-bulldozer for clearing snow. But it’s one thing to think about something beautiful, and another thing to bring the idea to reality. To implement these intentions, a specialist was required who would be able to recreate the steel “candy” that you see in the first illustration from scrap metal. Over time, such a Kulibin was found and enthusiastically took up the upgrade of the rusted conveyor.

Everything will come in handy on the farm, or why does a summer resident need a

During the overhaul, the car was completely rebuilt and rebuilt. Of course, there were some pitfalls. So, hot-dip galvanizing was not in vain – the metal sides of the body warped somewhat, and the wheels did not quite stand in one axis. I had to level them up.

Everything will come in handy on the farm, or why does a summer resident need a

I do not deliberately dwell on the details of the work, since the technical subtleties will be of interest only to specialists who are in love with “hardware”.

And the cart came in handy!

Now the neighbor is carried away by car walks on rough terrain far from the roads, and in winter he uses the car to clear snow from the village sites. Attempts to harness this “horse” for plowing the garden were unsuccessful: the weight of the tractor is too small to provide sufficient traction with the ground.

It’s not a shame for the state

Although, in principle, we should not worry about the opinion of “foreign countries”, but … Two years ago, the Japanese delegation, seeing this car, freely overcoming snow blockages, was literally shocked by the domestic engineering idea and its real embodiment. A trifle, but nice!

Everything will come in handy on the farm, or why does a summer resident need a

And even more pleasant is the fact that the rarity, which has the legal right to appear at exhibitions of old automobiles, did not vanish ingloriously under the pressure of corrosion, but gained a second youth and works for the good of the people. published by econet.ru

Author: Oleg Sanko

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