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Exercise for the buttocks that have lost elasticity

A firm and attractive buttocks are the dream of many women. Lack of stress on this part of the body leads to the fact that the buttocks become flabby. The problem can be especially acute when losing weight, when the skin sags and the muscle base is weakened. This exercise will help you tighten your butt.

Many women who have lost weight start to get upset about the sagging and flabby skin in the abdomen, arms, buttocks and thighs. How can you avoid sagging skin after losing weight? With a weight loss of 8 kg, the problem between the burned fat and the skin, which must be elastic and tightened in the appropriate places, is clearly manifested (but this happens extremely slowly). This is especially true in areas where the skin is thinnest.

Exercise for losing weight

Sagging buttocks that have lost their elasticity are one of the main problems of losing weight. A sedentary lifestyle, low mobility, lack of physical activity in no way contribute to the elasticity of the buttocks. And with weight loss, the disappearance of the fat pad of the gluteal muscles entails that as a result we have a soft and saggy “butt”. How to deal with this problem?

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This exercise is performed daily in bed in the morning and evening. Its positive effect: the facial area of ​​the thighs heats up quickly, intensely and the main muscle groups are toned. Exercise activates both the back muscles of the thighs and the hip-gluteal muscles, in addition, the muscles of the arms.

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Exercise for the buttocks that have lost elasticity

Exercise technique:

As a result, you get 60 exercises per day, it will take you only one and a half minutes.

If you find it difficult to do 30 sets of this exercise, this suggests that you have a rather heavy pelvis and a weakened muscle base that is atrophied by a sedentary lifestyle. Then it is necessary to reduce the number of movements. Muscles adapt over time so that you can do the exercise at full strength. It is recommended to do at least 10 approaches in the morning and evening.

Over time, it is useful to add, for example, 1 approach daily, gradually reaching 100 approaches in the morning and 100 in the evening. At this stage, it will already be clearly visible that the torso and pelvis have become elastic after losing weight. And your reflection in the mirror will cease to upset you. Published by

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