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Exercise to improve metabolism

The health of the whole organism and our well-being depend on the work of the digestive organs. How many problems a person can get from flatulence, constipation, heaviness in the stomach! The exercise called “Fisherman” helps to improve metabolism and normalizes the entire digestive tract.

Exercise normalizes digestion. With its help, you can get rid of excessive gas formation, constipation, peristalsis will return to normal, emptying is simplified, the muscles of the abdominal wall are strengthened through massage of the internal organs. In addition to this, the intestinal flora improves, the deep muscles of the back are strengthened, the displacement of organs is removed, and diseases of the abdominal organs are healed.

Eastern medicine exercise to normalize digestion

This exercise comes from yui-jia. Ideally, it is beneficial to do it on an empty stomach. After gymnastics, an indescribable feeling of enlightenment appears. Exercise gives lightness, vigor to our body. The energy of the abdominal cavity passes without complications to the upper energy centers, saturates the brain, and does not burden the peritoneum with unnecessary fermentation.

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Over time, you can feel an improvement in the condition of the lower spine through the tension of the deep back muscles.

Exercise to improve metabolism

Starting position: We put our legs wide / slightly wider than the shoulders, barely bend them at the knees. We rest our palms on the hips (thumbs look inward). We relax the back as much as possible, transfer the body weight to the hands, which rest on the knees. The spine must be straight!

  • We accept the starting position. We exhale smoothly. Next, inhale as deeply as possible through the nose (if it is convenient for you – intermittently, saturating the lungs with energetic jerks).
  • We make an energetic exhalation with our mouth with the sound “ХХАА” and hold our breath. At the same time, we lower our head and press our chin to the chest.
  • Holding your breath, we squeeze and pull up the muscles of the perineum (we reduce the anal sphincter).
  • We close the windpipe (we “close” the sky and “cover” it with our tongue) so as not to inhale air.
  • Vigorously pull in the abdomen, contracting the diaphragmatic muscles. The relaxed muscles of the press and organs at this time are directed upward behind the diaphragm, which has contracted. The anterior surface of the abdomen is retracted.
  • We hold the breath for as long as possible in this position. We try not to overdo it.
  • We release the windpipe, relax the abdominal muscles – at this time, the air rushes into your lungs.
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This gymnastics led to the fact that the gas composition of the blood deteriorated during breath holding. Now we perform cleansing breathing:

  • Slowly raise your arms up, inhale through your nose. We lower our hands, while intermittently and intensively we release air through our practically compressed lips. We do the cleansing breath three times.

The exercise is performed in an amount of 10 cycles in a row, but we increase the number gradually, starting from 3 cycles. The entire procedure described above is 1 cycle. Published by

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