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Features and benefits of a wooden roof – shingle

Wood for decoration and home improvement has been used for a long time. This type of roofing is distinguished by its aesthetics, thanks to which the structure acquires comfort and elegance.

Recently, the wooden shindle has been very popular among decorators in the design of the roof of private houses, summer cottages, baths, as well as ordinary hunting lodges. Thanks to him, the building acquires an interesting appearance and a number of advantages, due to which this material becomes a desirable acquisition for luxury lovers.

Wooden shindle

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What is it?

Shindel (second name – “wooden shingle”) is a wooden shingle that is used for wall decoration or for roofing a roof. Due to the peculiarities of manufacturing, this material is considered prestigious. It is distinguished by its high price and impeccable appearance. The advantages of such a roof completely depend on how the shindle is pierced.

The shindle is manufactured in several stages.

  • At the first stage (depending on the configuration of the future product), a suitable tree is selected.
  • At the second stage, with the help of a cleaver, the obtained planks are split into blocks, from which a shindle will be later made.
  • The third stage is to prepare the product for further use – it is faced on the sides so that the tiles lay flat. It is also impregnated with the necessary solutions so that the roof is not afraid of temperature surges and withstands the required load, after which it is dried to 25% humidity.

Features and benefits of a wooden roof - shingle

Features and benefits of a wooden roof - shingle

The procedure for making such wooden tiles can take several months. You can’t just make this material with your own hands, and its production can only be entrusted to experienced craftsmen who have a good reputation and also care about the quality of their products.

That is why the shindel is considered a luxury item that is not available to everyone. However, the features of this product fully pay off its high cost.

Features and benefits of a wooden roof - shingle


In Australia, Germany and Canada, a wooden roof is no surprise. In Russia, the trend towards roofing made from natural materials has gradually decreased. Currently, only those who are willing to pay a lot for the environmental friendliness and aesthetic appearance of the home can afford wooden tiles. However, a wooden roof has a number of advantages that distinguish it from practical counterparts from cheaper materials.

These include:

  • Durability. Despite the fact that wood is a natural material and is susceptible to swelling and the appearance of fungus, the peculiarities of making the shindle allow you to forget about such problems. This will allow you to enjoy the exceptional view of the roof of the house for a long time. The shingles are cut in a radially split manner, due to which the surface of the shingle has a relief surface that provides good ventilation. It has a beneficial effect on the condition of the wood, ensuring its durability and strength.
  • Interesting appearance. The carefully laid wooden roof tiles have a striking design that will give the building a noble and elegant look. The tree goes well with many style directions, in harmony with the garden or forest landscape nearby. The Schindel gives the house a cosiness and luxury.
  • Soundproofing. Under the wooden roof, the sounds of rain or hail are practically inaudible, which ensures a comfortable stay in the house, and also allows you to enjoy your rest, even if rain and thunderstorms rage outside the window.
  • Environmental friendliness. The wood flooring is highly secure.
  • Resistant to all weather conditions. Due to the ventilation property, condensation does not form inside the tiles, and the tree “breathes”, creating favorable conditions for resisting any manifestations of bad weather.

The shingle roof has a number of advantages over popular cheap counterparts and is intended to be the main highlight for the facade of the house, creating comfortable conditions for its owner.


Currently, the choice of wood from which this tile can be made is quite diverse, but the shingle made of larch and oak is especially popular.

  • Larch has a high density, which increases the quality characteristics of the roof. In addition, the resin, which is rich in wood, has antiseptic properties and is resistant to decay. Material such as larch is more readily available for purchase. It has a pleasant natural red-yellow tint and an interesting texture, which will give the roof a more effective appearance;
  • Oak is a tough and hard wood with a high degree of durability. Also, this tree is resistant to harsh weather conditions, and therefore is most popular in the northern part of the Russian Federation. Oak shingles do not rot, but have a pleasant dark brown color.

Today you can find shingles from other materials, for example, cedar, pine. Thanks to the smooth texture of the wood, the shindel will emphasize the landscape of the site, taking on the role of its main decoration. Quality materials will allow the roof to last from 5 to 10 years.

Features and benefits of a wooden roof - shingle

Beautiful examples

Currently, shingle roofing is quite relevant. It is actively used in the design of large private houses and various outbuildings.

Sawed roof tiles are an excellent option for decorating a house that was made from wood. The shindel is the perfect finishing touch to this structure. This material will give it a touch of comfort. Such a house will look luxurious, emphasizing the high status of its owner and his impeccable taste.

Features and benefits of a wooden roof - shingle

The shingle roof, smoothly turning into the wall cladding, will be an excellent option for decorating a small hunting lodge. Emphasizing the landscape, this method of decoration is perfect for a home made in a modern high-tech or minimalist style.

Often, with the help of a shindle, the roof of the gazebo is designed, thanks to which it acquires a stylish appearance, ideally fitting into the landscape of the garden or forest landscape.Features and benefits of a wooden roof - shingle

Schindel is popular with modern designers and decorators when decorating private houses. Thanks to such roof cladding, buildings are transformed, acquiring a unique and rather expensive appearance. published by econet.ru

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