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Four exercises that normalize blood circulation

Exercising in the morning helps to activate blood circulation, provide energy and invigorate the whole day. Thanks to the acceleration of blood circulation, metabolic processes are improved, the nervous and cardiovascular systems are strengthened. Muscles are tightened, posture becomes even, the work of all organs and systems is normalized.

Exercises to improve blood flow

1. “The sea is worried”

I.P. – lying on your back, legs bent at the knees, spaced so that it would be more convenient to grab the ankles with your palms. Make sure that the feet remain firmly pressed to the floor, and the soles do not come off the surface.

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and) As you inhale, raise your hips to the maximum height above the floor, and as you exhale, lower yourself to the starting position. Repeat this exercise for a minute.

b) For the last time, lift your hips as high as possible and stay in this position for a few seconds, while tensing your abdominal muscles and buttocks as much as possible.

in) Return to the starting position, straighten your legs and completely relax all muscles. Give yourself a break for a few minutes.

Four exercises that normalize blood circulation

2. “Snail”

I.P. – sitting on the floor, bend your legs and spread your knees to the sides, connecting the soles of your feet. Place your palms around your feet so that your ankles are on your fingers. Take a deep breath. As you exhale, slowly bend towards your feet. As you inhale, take the starting position and linger in it for a while, covering your eyes in complete immobility.

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Four exercises that normalize blood circulation

3. Snake pose

I. P. – sitting on the heels. Lower your forehead to the floor, fold your palms into the lock – the head and neck of the snake. Take a deep breath and lift your joined hands up behind your back, feel how all the muscles of the shoulder girdle and shoulder blades tighten. Fix this position for 30 seconds, breathing deeply through the nose. Raise your arms even higher, creating maximum tension, and as you exhale, return to the starting position.

4. We float through the air

I. P. – lying on his stomach, legs straight, arms along the body. Take a deep breath. Put your feet up… Try to stay in this position for at least half a minute, taking deep breaths in and out. As you exhale, slowly lower your legs and completely relax. Lie on your stomach still for a minute, imagining your body lifting into the air. published by

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