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Frameless glazing technology

The main features of the Scandinavian style are minimalism, simplicity and functionality. Let’s learn about the Scandinavian technology of “frameless” glazing.

For more than twenty years, the Scandinavian technology of “frameless” decoration of balconies, loggias and verandas has become known in our country. Today, architects put into the project of the house structures that do not cover the perception of the facade as a whole, protect balconies and loggias from the direct influence of atmospheric conditions.

Made of tempered glass with a thickness of 6-12 mm, the glazing gives the impression of a solid surface: the glasses are installed end-to-end, in one line, without frames and posts. Durable glass sheets are equipped with roller-hinges rotating on bearings in an aluminum cage. Thanks to these rollers, each glass moves freely along the guides.

It is only required to open the latch on the edge glass and turn it like a regular frame. The next glass slides along the guides to the first and, like the first, unfolds close to it. Whatever the length of the loggia or veranda, all the glasses are collected in one place in the form of a book.

The robustness of the construction is achieved by aluminum profiles, and individual components made of stainless steel and impact-resistant plastic. As for the strength of the glass itself, it is able to withstand the weight of 4 people. In emergency cases, in case of destruction, the tempered glass simply crumbles into non-sharp pieces.

Frameless glazing technology

It is not out of place to note the possibility of moving window elements not only in the direct, but also in the angular direction. This feature allows you to design the glazing of loggias, arbors of any configuration. Additionally: the systems allow you to install locking devices for shops, offices, exhibitions.

Advantages of frameless glazing:

  • This is the most elegant solution.
  • Compatibility with architectural forms.
  • Maximum light transmission: widens the light opening.
  • High quality materials are used.
  • Proven durability and reliability.
  • Reducing the influence of dust, smog and moisture from precipitation. Street noise is blocked.
  • The advantages of operation are ease of glass cleaning, durability and protection against vandalism.

Cons of frameless glazing:

  • Does not increase the temperature in the enclosed room.
  • Full transparency of the loggia. Therefore, you will have to use curtains or blinds.
  • Noise protection is less than that of glass units – up to 10 decibels.

Frameless systems provide coziness and expand the possibilities of using loggias and balconies, lengthen service times and reduce repair costs. Published by econet.ru

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