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Fructose May Help Increase Junk Food Cravings

At first glance, fructose is harmless not only found in foods intended for diabetics, but also in many candy, fast food and sodas. And the more often we eat such “tasty” food, the greater the craving of our body for it.

Scientists from the University of South Carolina conducted an interesting experiment to find out how different types of sugar affect hunger.

How fructose affects us

The study consisted of the following:

1. Healthy volunteers in the amount of 24 people were offered to drink a glass of a cherry drink daily, to which glucose was initially added, and a few days later – fructose, which is contained in honey and fruits, and is also widely used as a sweetener in food preparation in fast food cafes.

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2. After the volunteers consumed a drink with glucose and then with fructose, they underwent an MRI – a procedure that allows you to examine in detail all the processes taking place in the brain. During the examination, patients were shown images of high-calorie foods (for example, pizza, burgers, cookies, etc.) and photographs with neutral images. The volunteers’ task was to listen to their own desires for food and rate each photo on a scale of one to ten points.

Fructose May Help Increase Junk Food Cravings

3. In addition, after consuming this or that liquid, each patient could eat something sweet, but harmful, or refuse food altogether and receive a monetary reward.

The experiment lasted for a month. Specialists monitored the level of substances in the blood of each patient that regulate the feeling of satiety – glucose, insulin, leptin and others. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the results obtained.

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Research results

At the end of the experiment, experts found out thata drink with added fructose promoted the activation of the orbifrontal cortex. Namely, this site responds to the feeling of reward when the fast food images were displayed. Also, after consuming fructose fluid, many study participants preferred sugary foods over monetary rewards and noted a great desire to eat high-calorie foods.

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Despite the absence of a significant difference in blood tests after drinking a glass of glucose and fructose liquids, the latter drink contributed to a significant decrease in insulin levels in the body. And the production of this hormone occurs when sugar is consumed in order to help cells convert glucose into energy. Also, insulin “notifies” the brain about the saturation of the body. Fruit sugar does not activate the production of insulin, so the body cannot understand that it is already full and the feeling of hunger does not leave a person.

This conclusion does not mean that it is urgently necessary to exclude fresh fruits and berries from the diet, which contain fructose, since they contain other substances that can neutralize its negative effects. In fact, it is worth limiting the consumption of fast food, which contains a huge amount of fruit sugar, and it is better to completely abandon such food in order to maintain health for a long time. published by

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