GAPS Diet: Solving Bowel Problems

A healthy intestinal microflora maintains the health of the entire body and prevents the development of various diseases. The GAPS diet can improve the intestinal microflora.

The diet is based on foods and nutrients rich in pribiotics. Adhering to such a diet, it will be possible to normalize the work of the digestive system. This is a technique that allows you to alleviate the condition of inflammatory processes in the intestines, autoimmune disorders, depression and other diseases. The diet involves excluding carbohydrates, starchy vegetables and grains from the diet. Instead, you should eat foods rich in nutrients and easily assimilated substances in your diet.

Benefits of the GAPS power system

1. Reducing the manifestation of autism symptoms.

With this disease, the process of human interaction with the people around is disrupted. Diet will not be able to completely eliminate the problem, but it will help improve the patient’s condition.

2. Stabilization of blood sugar levels.

The diet implies the exclusion of foods containing a significant amount of carbohydrates from the diet, which helps to normalize the sugar level in the body.

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3. Strengthening the immune system.

As mentioned above, a healthy gut microflora maintains a healthy overall body and strengthens the immune system. The diet is aimed specifically at improving the intestinal microflora.

GAPS Diet: Solving Bowel Problems

4. Treatment of inflammation.

Inflammation can be the body’s response to a disorder, but chronic inflammation is often associated with heart disease, diabetes, or cancer. The inflammatory process also occurs when the digestive system is upset. The diet can reduce inflammation by including antioxidants and foods that have anti-inflammatory properties in the diet.

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5. Relief of depression.

It has been proven that the condition of the intestines directly affects the psychological health of a person. The inclusion of prebiotics in the diet, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits, can reduce the symptoms of depression.

Diet stages

The diet includes 6 stages and any new product can be introduced into the diet after 3-6 weeks. If you feel unwell when introducing a new product, replace it with another one. By the end of the diet, the basis of the diet should be fermented foods, vegetables, meat and fish.

Stage 1:

  • lamb, beef, chicken, duck, turkey meat (stewed or boiled);
  • cauliflower or broccoli;
  • stewed or boiled fish;
  • vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, carrots, pumpkin, turnip);
  • onion and garlic;
  • natural yogurt (start with one tablespoon per day);
  • vegetable juices (add one teaspoon to the diet);
  • greens, ginger, spinach;
  • honey;
  • tea made from ginger, mint or chamomile.

Stage 2:

  • baked milk;
  • coconut oil;
  • egg yolks (raw);
  • avocado.

Stage 3:

  • almond and coconut flour;
  • fermented vegetables;
  • nut butter;
  • greenery.

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Stage 4:

  • fried meat;
  • olive oil;
  • carrot juice;
  • dried herbs.

GAPS Diet: Solving Bowel Problems

Step 5:

  • tomatoes and cucumbers;
  • applesauce;
  • vegetable juices;
  • mango;
  • dried herbs.

Step 6:

  • coconut and coconut milk;
  • fruits (apple, pear, cherry, raspberry, banana, kiwi, peach);
  • berries.

This type of diet may not work for everyone. For example, this diet is not suitable for vegetarians because the diet is based on animal products. Also, a diet cannot completely get rid of diseases, it will simply alleviate the condition. It will not be possible to solve the problem only through diet, you need regular physical activity, good sleep and a minimum of stress. With the combination of all conditions, it will be possible to achieve the desired result. published by

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