Ginger shots to strengthen the body! 3 recipes for a miracle drink

We’ve prepared 3 recipes for ginger shots that are perfect for a busy morning and a quick energy boost. Learn how to make all kinds of shots namely lemon / ginger, carrot / ginger, and ginger / green apple.

Your body will thank you! Ginger has a warming property, accelerates blood circulation. Thanks to this, the root has a positive effect on digestion and metabolism. Therefore, it is an effective aid in losing weight.
Ginger can relieve nasopharyngeal congestion during a cold. It has an expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect, is a diaphoretic, which helps with colds and SARS. It is recommended to consume ginger to prevent diseases.
The root also lowers blood pressure by thinning the blood and oxygenating the brain.
Rich in a number of vitamins, ascorbic acid and retinol.
It is able to eliminate toxicosis and symptoms of seasickness, relieves intestinal spasms, promotes blood flow, thus relieving an unpleasant symptom. Moreover, ginger has analgesic, diuretic, tonic and antibacterial effects.

3 miraculous recipes

Lemon + ginger

  • 3cm slice of fresh ginger

  • 1 large lemon

Carrot + ginger

  • 3cm slice of fresh ginger

  • 1 medium carrot, peeled

  • 1 large lemon

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Green apple + ginger

  • 3cm slice of fresh ginger

  • 1/2 green apple

  • 1 cup spinach

  • 1 lemon

  • a small pinch of cayenne pepper, optional

Ginger shots to strengthen the body!  3 recipes for a miracle drink


Prepare your ingredients. Cut everything into pieces.
Cut off the yellow rind from the lemon, leaving most of the white heart and lemon. Cut into slices and remove all seeds. Pass the ingredients through a juicer. Divide the juice between small glasses. Drink right away. Enjoy!

Cook with love!

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