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Gland of the Furnace: an effective method of treating many diseases

Don’t miss it, it’s very interesting. We think that this information will be a discovery for many. Let’s talk about the Pechoti gland.

Our anatomy teacher (in the distant 80s) liked to say that anatomy is already a discipline closed by science. Everything is known. How wrong he was! Scientists are still discovering new organs, their new functions and connections with other organs. In the 90s, for example, the presence of lymphatic vessels in the brain was discovered. On the other hand, some information on anatomy is hushed up by the medical establishment.

Navel or gland

An example is the Pechoti iron. Our navel is not just a scar from a falling umbilical cord. Inside it is the Pechoi gland, connected to the body with 72,000 veins and millions (!) Of nerve endings. Interestingly, this place is formed first in the development of the embryo and is not only the gateway connecting the mother and the child, but also an important regulator in the normal development of the fetus. After birth, this site does not stop functioning and may be one of the most effective delivery methods for natural medicines (widely used in Ayurvedic medicine).

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I often recommend the method of applying cannabidiol (CBD oil) to the navel for abdominal and pelvic cancer. A few drops of CBD should be dripped into the navel and massaged into it and 1cm around. You can enhance delivery with Dimexide by wetting your finger in 50% Dimexide and applying gently to this area before CBD.

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Gland of the Furnace: an effective method of treating many diseases

Here are some more helpful tips for using the Pechoti location:

  • For severe pain during the period of menstruation – a cotton swab dipped in a few drops of brandy;
  • In case of intestinal upset, diarrhea – apply mustard oil to the place of the Pech;
  • For skin care – almond oil;
  • For colds, coughs, sore throat – mustard oil or thyme oil;
  • To lower blood pressure and improve the work of the heart muscle – thyme oil;
  • To improve the waste of phlegm and mucus from the bronchi, nose and sinuses – thyme oil;
  • Warm Ghee oil, improves blood circulation, central nervous system, stimulates the immune system;
  • For joint pain – sesame oil or castor oil;
  • Fertility enhancement – coconut and olive oils;
  • Stubborn acne and acne – neem oil;
  • For general well-being, CBD oil (especially for those who don’t like its taste and who can’t take it under the tongue).

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You can experiment with the Pechoti site with essential oils and other natural preparations. Published by

By Boris Grinblat

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