In Japan, the seasoning for centenarians is gomashio. Freshly prepared spice has a wonderful aroma.

It seems to me that food without spices is boring and tasteless. I’m not talking about chemicals such as monosodium glutamate, but those that have health benefits.

How to make a Japanese centenarian seasoning?

Its name comes from the words “goma” – sesame and “sio” – salt. It is traditionally made from sesame seeds and salt. When preparing GOMASIO, a certain ratio of the components is observed: for 1 part of sea salt – 18 parts of sesame.

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Sesame seeds contain many useful substances that have a beneficial effect on the body’s activity.


Gomasio. Recipe

The process of making gomasio itself is very interesting. In order to prepare this seasoning you will need:

  • 1 teaspoon sea salt

  • 18 teaspoons black or brown sesame seeds

Fry the salt in a frying pan until it loses its white color and a slightly ammoniacal smell appears. This procedure will take approximately three minutes. Separately fry the sesame seeds, rinse beforehand until the grains begin to swell. This should be done over low heat to avoid burning. It should be noted that sesame seeds need to be fried exactly wet, since dry seeds will quickly burn, and not having time to open. Meanwhile, in a mortar, it is necessary to grind the salt to a powdery state. During frying, the pan must be shaken and stirred with a wooden spatula so that the grains do not burn. It is worth starting to fry sesame after the sea salt has been prepared: fried and grinded.

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Add toasted sesame seeds and grind until they begin to open. The taste of the seasoning depends on how the grains are ground: gentle grinding will give a light sweetish taste, while too hard grinding will give the seasoning a salty flavor. Freshly made gomasio has amazing aroma. You should not prepare the seasoning for future use, after two weeks it develops a rancid taste and loses its properties.


Gomasio has gained popularity in European cuisine as well. Now it is used as a seasoning for first and second courses. It improves the taste of food and also has preventive and healing properties.

Gomasio cleanses blood, stomach, liver. Cleaning takes place due to the fact that the droplets of oils that settle on the salt crystals when they enter the body, like Velcro, collect toxins toxins and remove them. Therefore, it is taken separately from food, 1 tsp each. 3 times a day before meals. Here is such a gomasio seasoning – food with it is both tasty and healthy! published by

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