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“Green” sofa in the garden: a guide to action

How much oxygen does your furniture produce? The question may seem strange, but not for true lovers of an eco-friendly lifestyle. If you can sit on a comfortable eco-sofa in the garden, why not do it instead of spending time indoors?

A novelty that combines the convenience of a familiar room sofa and all the delights of being in the fresh air can be created with your own hands.

Making a garden sofa

Summer is just around the corner, and there is no better way to enjoy sunny summer days than reading, drawing or chatting with friends while outdoors.

While there are many different types of garden furniture, nothing beats the freshness and coolness of the grass that a green turf sofa brings.

To create an eco-sofa, we need:

  • base for the sofa: brick, stone, cardboard or paper bricks;
  • garden soil;
  • turf.

Step 1: create the base

Determine the dimensions of the future sofa, it can be small or, conversely, it can be a whole set with armchairs so that all family and friends can fit on it. Use your building materials to create a “foundation” and then lay out the base foundation.

The video tutorial uses regular bricks as the base for a grass sofa, but you can create a shape from cardboard or paper bricks as well. In this case, you need to be aware that these materials decompose over time and the sofa can deform.

Step 2: Cover the base with soil

Mix the soil with enough water to make it sticky, then generously coat the entire brick structure with it.

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If you use cardboard as a base material, then it is necessary to carefully coat all the cracks with a mass of moist soil for the stability of the structure.

Step 3: spread out the sod

Some guides suggest planting grass seeds on the soil surface of your sofa, which is an option if you’re starting to create an eco-sofa in the spring. The grass will grow in a few weeks, but for instant results, strips of turf are the best solution.

Spread the strips out on the couch so that they mesh tightly. After the entire sofa is turfed, hose down liberally. You can start using the “green” sofa only after a few days.

Remember to water your sofa and cut the grass on it. published by econet.ru

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