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Gymnema sylvester helps with diabetes and reduces sugar cravings

Gymnema forest is an amazing plant. Its extract is used in the prevention and treatment of diseases such as diabetes mellitus, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, and oncology. This supplement will help boost your immune system and reduce sugar cravings.

Gymnema sylvester (gimnema forest) is a perennial tree vine originating from tropical regions of China, Arabia, Africa and Australia. It has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine. Gymnema forest – a real “destroyer” of sugar, its effect is just connected with the metabolism of sugar. It is used in diabetes, helps to reduce weight, since its most remarkable property is the ability to suppress the taste of sugar in the mouth for a period of time.

Gymnema helps you cope with diabetes and more

Healing extract is prepared from the leaves of the plant… In addition, its roots are used for medicinal purposes.

The key substances in the leaves of this tree-like vine are saponins.

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Saponins are molecules that help dissolve oily compounds. They are used in the manufacture of cosmetic products, medicines and food supplements. Saponins help lower cholesterol and are effective in fighting cancer. But these same substances can provoke the destruction of red blood cells.

Gymnema sylvester helps with diabetes and reduces sugar cravings

Saponins, which are present in the leafy part of gimnema, are called “gimnemic acid”, and it controls the blocking of the “sweet” feeling.

Other bioactive components of this plant:

  • anthraquinones,
  • flavonoids,
  • alkaloids,
  • steroids,
  • essential oils.

The health effect of gimnema forest

Better diabetes symptoms

Gimnema extract has a beneficial effect on diabetes as follows: it inhibits the absorption of glucose in the gastrointestinal tract, activates the production of the hormone insulin, contributing to the regeneration of the cells synthesizing it, which are destroyed in diabetes, and helps to normally use and store glucose in the body.

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Gymnema sylvester helps with diabetes and reduces sugar cravings

Prevention of cardiac diseases

The property of gimnema to reduce blood fat, and specifically the indicator of bad cholesterol, protects against “heart” and arterial problems.

Antioxidant effect

Phenolic compounds in the plant work as antioxidants. It slows down fat oxidation and reduces oxidative stress.

Ulcer protection

Gymnema extract protects against ulcers due to the use of drugs such as aspirin.

Arthritis help

Relief of arthritis symptoms.

Antimicrobial effect

Gymnema’s flavonoids and cardiac glycosides have antimicrobial effects. Gymnema extract helps to kill Staphylococcus aureus, E.coli and more.

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Strengthening immune defenses

The plant extract helps to stimulate the immune system and initiates the cellular defense response.

As a supplement in the fight against cancer

A number of tests have shown that the extract has a destructive effect on cancer cells.

Adverse reactions

If you stick to the recommended dosage, Gymnema poses no health hazard to adults. But children, women who are lactating or carrying a child should be careful when using this supplement.

Exceeding the dose is fraught with a decrease in blood sugar to critical levels, weakness, foggy consciousness and other similar symptoms may occur.

If there is a hypersensitivity to the components, the additive in some cases provokes hepatic toxicity. Published by

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