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Healing positions for back pain and sciatica

Sciatica is a severe pain syndrome caused by damage to the sciatic nerve tissue, pinched by the vertebral disc. The pain begins in the lower back and then travels down, along one leg or both. How to return the disc to its place and stop the pain?

Pronounced back pain can occur due to bone lesions, injuries, serious chronic processes, so you should definitely consult your doctor before exercising. But if the cause of pain and discomfort is a displaced disc, then you can correct the position with the help of special exercises.

What to do if your back hurts

Identify the source of pain

To locate the displaced disc, you need to run your fingertips on either side of the spine or press between its spinous processes. You will feel pain when pressing over the displaced disc. If you take a posture for correction, then the pain from pressure will subside and gradually disappear. If they give off in the legs, they will move up, then completely pass.

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Corrective postures

Take four small pillows. Fold them in pairs on the floor, one on top of the other, at a distance of 50 cm. Each pair should not exceed 30 cm in height. With their help, you will raise your body by 12-15 cm. With your knees, gently stand on one pair of pillows, resting your palms on the floor, and gently lower your chest onto the other pair of pillows.

Healing positions for back pain and sciatica

Your abdomen should be between the pillows and your back should be slightly arched. If the belly immediately touches the floor, then the pillows should be raised higher. This way, you will slowly and gradually open up the intervertebral space between the discs. Try to make sure that the area that is causing severe pain is exactly in the middle between the pillows so that the spaces open up more fully.

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1. Deep breathing

Leaning your elbows and socks on the floor, relax your back muscles. When you feel that the muscles of your whole body are completely relaxed, take 10 deep breaths. Take them slowly. It is very important that at the same time, the back rises and falls slightly, moves up and down. In order for the anterior intervertebral space to open by 1-2 degrees and the disc to snap into place, simple, rhythmic movements of the back are enough.

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2. Raising the legs

Continue breathing at a slow pace and, without changing position, alternately lift one, then the other leg up, to a height at which there will be no strong tension in the muscles. The leg should be straight, and its toe is slightly pulled. Over time, the pinched nerve will become weaker and you can lift your leg higher. When you move your leg, your spine will rotate slightly, and the disc will fall into its anatomical place. The pain in the affected area will become weaker and then disappear.

When after exercise you feel that the pain has disappeared, gently slide off the pillows on your side. Lie on your stomach for a few minutes so that the stretched ligaments return to their places, your arms should be along the body.

How to get up:

The back should remain straight, try not to bend it when lifting. Slide back, moving the main weight to your knees. Then place your feet alternately on the floor, and carefully, without bending your back, take a straight position. Walk a little, if the disc is back in place, then you will not feel severe pain when walking.

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You should alternate between the first and second exercises (deep breathing and raising your legs) until the pain disappears completely. If this does not work the first time, then repeat after a while. If the reason is the displacement of the disc, then the pain usually goes away within half an hour, but if there are tears or other lesions in the disc, then this condition cannot be improved with exercises, and drug treatment will be required.

You should be aware that half-hour recovery poses are an option for crisis situations. They will not instantly solve all the problems with the spine that have been accumulating for decades. To avoid severe pain in the future, you should do exercises to strengthen your back muscles, lead a healthy lifestyle, and eat a healthy diet.

according to the book of Dr. F. Batmanghelidj “How to treat back pain and rheumatic joint pain”

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