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Health Indicators: These 2 Numbers You Should Know By Heart

In the largest international study of risk factors for heart attack INTERHEART, medical professionals studied data from 15,000 people who had a heart attack. Scientists have come to the conclusion that in 90% of cases, a heart attack could be prevented if it was possible to prevent a heart attack.

First of all, you should find out the two most important indicators: blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure. A regular tonometer or device will help measure the pressure, which will transmit data to your smartphone or other gadget.

Important health indicators

Also, it is important to know the ratio of good and bad cholesterol, for this you need to take blood tests. If you are at risk, you will have to carefully monitor your health, follow all the doctor’s recommendations and undergo medical examination annually.

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Important indicators:

  • the norm of total cholesterol (total cholesterol) for men and women is the same – 3.2–5.6 mmol / l;
  • the norm of HDL (good cholesterol) for men, and for women should be> 0.9 mmol / l;
  • the norm of LDL (bad cholesterol) for men is 2.02-4.8 mmol / l, for women – 1.9-4.5 mmol / l. After 50 years, 2.28 – 5.72 mmol / l is allowed. A decrease in the indicator even by 1 mmol / l will reduce the risk of death from a heart attack by 20-25%;
  • triglyceride (fat) level – should not exceed 1.7 mmol / l. Indicators above 2.3 mmol / l require a strict diet.

Health Indicators: These 2 Numbers You Should Know By Heart

There is an even more important marker of possible problems with the heart and blood vessels – this is the coefficient of atherogenicity or the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL. It should not exceed 3.5.

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How to reduce the risk of developing a heart attack?

Your doctor may prescribe medications to help normalize blood pressure and cholesterol levels. But if you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle – do not smoke, eat healthy, move actively, then the pills may not be needed. Allocating just half an hour a day to exercise can reduce your risk of heart attack by 70%. A simple daily walk for 10 minutes can reduce the development of a heart attack by 50%.

Physical activity significantly increases the level of “good” cholesterol, and a sedentary lifestyle has the same negative effect on the heart as smoking. Published by

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