Healthy Blood Drink: Cilantro Juice with Ginger

Today we will learn exactly which ingredients to juice when the body needs a fast and efficient supply of large amounts of nutrients. We chose cilantro as the main ingredient for today’s detox juice. And this is no coincidence!

Cilantro perfectly removes heavy metals from the body. Strengthens the work of the brain, has an anti-inflammatory effect, thanks to cineoloma and linoleic acid. Cilantro has antiseptic and wound-healing properties, helps with inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and bleeding gums. Reduces cholesterol and blood sugar. Cilantro is necessary for people with a tendency to thrombosis. Greens serve as prevention and therapy for anemia due to their high iron content. Increases the secretion of enzymes and improves the secretion of gastric juice, which in turn can effectively stimulate the digestion process. Improves liver function. In addition, we added lemon, which is rich in vitamin C and improves digestion and liver function.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, strengthens the stomach, improves immunity. Cucumber is rich in antioxidants and nutrients, supports the digestive tract and moisturizes. Green apple facilitates digestion, enhances liver function, and is a natural “cleanser”.

Detox drink. Recipe


  • 2 large bunches fresh cilantro

  • 5cm slice of fresh ginger

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  • 4 lemons, peeled

  • 2 large cucumbers

  • 1 green apple

Healthy Blood Drink: Cilantro Juice with Ginger


Juice all ingredients in the order shown. Pour into a glass. Drink right away. Enjoy!

Cook with love!

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