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Healthy feet: rolling pin exercises

A regular kitchen rolling pin is a suitable tool for foot gymnastics. It will help to imprint all the muscles, bones, nerves and tendons located on the feet in the right place. We offer simple and useful exercises for the health of your feet.

Think about it: the average person takes eight to ten thousand steps every day, constantly exposing their feet to a force 2-3 times their body weight. How to protect feet and keep them healthy for many years? The suggested rolling pin exercises will help you always have healthy and strong feet.

Exercises with a rolling pin for the feet

A foot exercise program should become a daily routine for you.

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The rolling pin is a great tool for exercising your feet. You can take an ordinary rolling pin, which is available in every kitchen, or a special physiotherapy one, equipped with pimples. The latter effectively works out the reflex points on the feet.

Healthy feet: rolling pin exercises

We offer a description of exercises with a rolling pin

№ 1 Starting position sitting. We roll the rolling pin from toes to heels, while trying to apply as much pressure as possible on the entire area of ​​the feet.

№ 2 Starting position standing. We roll the rolling pin from toes to heel with one foot, and then with the other, press on the rolling pin as hard as possible. This exercise is great for rejuvenating the feet, as it makes it possible to imprint all the muscles, bones, nerves and tendons located on the foot in the right place.

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This is important to remember! We pay great attention to rolling the rolling pin under the arches of the feet. At first, you will probably feel fine crystals that could have formed in the feet, but systematic exercises in combination with massage, reflexology and a healthy diet will eventually save you from this problem.

After a set of exercises with a rolling pin, a 10-minute vigorous exercise is recommended for the muscles, bones, nerves and tendons of the feet. The complex consists of the following types of walking:

  • on the outside of the sole;
  • on the inside of the sole;
  • on the heels;
  • on tiptoe.

Don’t be afraid to look funny, because these exercises help strengthen the feet and improve their condition. Published by

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