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HOMA index: a tool for early diagnosis of insulin resistance

HOMA is literally translated from English as a homeostasis assessment model or an analysis that evaluates the body’s response to insulin production. Its figure determines the ratio of blood glucose and insulin produced on it, which makes it possible to diagnose the risk of prediabetes and diabetes mellitus at the earliest stage.

The state of prediabetes is determined by indicators:

Diabetes risk

Diabetes mellitus is a very dangerous disease, the risk of which is 0.7% per year, even in a healthy person… And for those whose tests show even one of the listed signs, the risk increases by 5-10% per year. If he does not introduce healthy habits into his life, then the disease will be inevitable.

To help patients with pre-diabetes, scientists have developed a diabetes risk rating scale. The doctor conducts a survey about the presence of diabetes and high blood pressure in relatives, evaluates physical data – the ratio of height to weight, waist size, physical activity.

HOMA index: a tool for early diagnosis of insulin resistance

From prediabetes to diabetes

Initially, the beta cells of the pancreas produce more and more insulin to compensate for insulin resistance and to maintain glycemic levels within the normal range. But, exceeding its natural capabilities, the pancreas is depleted, which leads to a decrease in the production of the hormone.

The consequence is the rebirth and self-destruction of beta cells. Sooner or later, the moment comes when the pancreas is no longer able to compensate for the loss of insulin sensitivity of cells and diabetes mellitus occurs.

To slow down the development of diabetes and restore health, you need to give up bad habits, normalize your diet, increase physical activity and take a blood sugar test at least once a year.

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