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Homemade gasoline generator from a trimmer

The author of the article figured out how to use a trimmer engine to create a 12V gas generator.

I was lying around idle, the engine from the trimmer. I thought about where it could be applied, and so I decided to make myself a 12-volt gas generator. There is no electricity at the dacha, so such a homemade product will come in handy.

Trimmer generator

The homemade design is simple, initially on the trimmer motor shaft, I put the rotor and coils from a scooter engine.

Homemade gasoline generator from a trimmer

The homemade generator worked, but the power was weak.

Homemade gasoline generator from a trimmer

In this version, it is very difficult to make the rotor sit exactly on the shaft, but I don’t have a lathe.

Homemade gasoline generator from a trimmer

Then I installed a tractor generator, it is self-excited and perfect for this homemade product. This option is already more powerful.

Homemade gasoline generator from a trimmer

I put a pulley on the trimmer motor shaft, made a belt drive to the tractor generator pulley. I installed all this on a frame welded from pieces of pipes and a corner.

A home-made gas generator is useful, for example, in a country house, or in a garage where there is no electricity, it can be used to charge a car battery or make backup lighting on LEDs. It should also be noted that all the materials I already had in stock and I didn’t have to buy anything. So if you have a trimmer motor lying around, then you can use it to make a homemade generator. published by econet.ru

Author: Roman

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