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How do negative emotions affect human health?

Can strong negative emotions affect a person’s health? The knowledge that our emotions affect our health has been around for a long time. At the level of knowledge, at the level of intuition, at the level of research, evidence base, practice. The connection between psyche, brain, body has already been proven. There is such a direction in medicine, psychology – psychosomatics. This direction in a holistic approach considers a person.

Scientists are now studying how to prevent diseases by diagnosing them based on mood. And we will now analyze the mechanism that emotions trigger in us. Emotion is the subjective reaction of an individual to a certain situation. Moreover, our brain does not care this situation was in the past, present or future, or in an imaginary event, emotions we experience at the level of the body as if it is happening right now.

Emotions and body

Emotions can be different in intensity, duration, and of course they were divided into positive and negative. Positive emotions – joy, delight, they prompt us to action, and negative sadness, longing – to lie down and lie down. But this is still a conditional division into good and bad. As a child, we were forbidden to get angry, cry or be sad, bored. Since it was believed that these are bad feelings. I do not recommend dividing emotions into positive and negative, all emotions are needed, all emotions are important. It is important to express your emotions, to live them, to give them all a place in your life, if you do not want them to look for a place in your body. This is why it is so important to develop your emotional intelligence and teach your children to do it. It’s safe to express emotions. Any.

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Emotions in us are triggered by thought. It’s important to keep track of your thoughts. Thinking negatively in order to feel unpleasant emotions is also a habit and a kind of “drug” for the brain. Habits can be changed. Therefore, it is in your veins. It is important not to change feelings, but to catch the thought that triggers the emotion and work with it. Why do I think so, why do I think so, what does it give me now, what do I think about it, is it really so? And then, answering these questions, look for the root of such thoughts in your head. Of course, this is work with a psychologist.

How do negative emotions affect human health?

At the first stage, I would recommend that you consult a specialist. So, of course, joy and positiveness cause an increase in the hormone endorphin, at such moments the quality of a person’s life improves, but sadness, apathy increase the level of the hormone cortisol in the blood, and this already entails disharmony in life and health. The hormonal background is disrupted, as a result, sleep is disturbed, the work of the nervous system, the digestive system is disrupted. And the more intense the experience, the stronger the reaction will be at the level of body and health.

Now I will not indicate which emotion, which organ is influenced, there are many psychologists and many works on this topic on the Internet. I just want to convey to you that it is important to find the reason for this emotion. After all, this is your emotion, you are experiencing it and you need it for some reason. Sometimes people come for a consultation and say that they are not emotional. This is so wrong. Such people are used to controlling emotions, and some have completely forbidden themselves to feel “negative” emotions. And such people feel emotion only if it is intense in its strength or has accumulated in its mass.

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How do negative emotions affect human health?

Admit your feelings in the moment. Yes. Now I am angry, happy, sad. Suppressing. By controlling yours, you drive them inside yourself. Look for the causes of negative emotions and honestly deal with your thoughts and feelings. The key here is honest.

Develop not only yourself intellectually, but also emotionally. Published by

Anna Smetannikova, clinical psychologist, NLP trainer

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