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How do you know if you have food addiction?

Food addiction is not just a desire to eat something tasty. It is indicated by the characteristics of human behavior and his experiences associated with a certain food. This questionnaire will help you find out if you have food addiction. Check yourself now.

Food addiction not only negatively affects health. It worsens the psychological state of a person and reduces the quality of his life. Specialists from the Center for the Study of Obesity and Food Safety at Yale University (USA) have developed a special questionnaire on nutrition. This questionnaire will help you find out if a person suffers from food addiction.

How to identify food addiction

We offer a list of the main indicators characteristic of dependence on sugar, flour and technologically processed products.

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How often and intensely a person encounters these sensations and patterns of behavior, so much food addiction will be expressed:

1. You eat certain foods even when there is no feeling of hunger, just because you are irresistibly drawn to them.

2. You experience negative emotions because of the need to restrain certain foods.

How do you know if you have food addiction?

3. Overeating makes you feel sluggish and tired.

4. Let’s say you allowed yourself to eat a large amount of certain foods. After that, you are tormented by remorse, instead of just pleasantly spending time with loved ones, doing what you love or relaxing.

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five. You have withdrawal symptoms (eg, anxiety, anxiety) as soon as you cut out certain foods (this does not include the following caffeinated drinks: coffee, tea, energy drinks).

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6. Your eating behavior causes you vivid emotional experiences.

7. Difficulties associated with food and nutrition reduce your efficiency in performing everyday activities and tasks (this includes work, study, interaction with family and friends). In spite of this, you continue to stick to your eating style. These negative consequences do not stop you.

How do you know if you have food addiction?

8. You are forced to eat more and more of your favorite foods (dishes) in order to re-experience at least some positive feelings or to weaken negative emotions.

If you honestly agree with some of these statements and, unfortunately, recognize yourself in them, do not rush to panic.… This is a global problem: many people on the planet have fallen into the insidious trap of food addiction with you. But there is a way out of this state, and it is quite possible to find freedom from food. Published by

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