How do you know when a relationship is ending? Why did we become strangers? Psychologist’s advice

How do you know when a relationship is ending? If such questions bother you very often, most likely, these are the first alarm bells. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand whether a relationship ends or you and your chosen one are experiencing temporary difficulties.

Lack of a joint future

When a relationship breaks down, it is usually hard for both partners. Often, love between them relieves stress, but sometimes situations arise when a person does not want to return home. Unfortunately, this is a sign that the relationship may end soon. Feelings of tension, irritation and anger negatively affect both partners.

It is very important to think about whether you see your chosen one next to you in a few years. How do you imagine your life with him? Perhaps such thoughts will cause fear in you, or, on the contrary, joy. If thoughts about a joint future scare you, then you should end the relationship soon. This is, of course, a very unpleasant experience. Nevertheless, most people in similar situations in the future regretted only that they did not do it earlier.

Are you happy alone

The end of a relationship is near when people have no common topics of conversation. As you know, the lack of contact is an unpleasant symptom, and you should not close your eyes to this.

relationship is cracking

If you find yourself feeling relieved and happy when you are alone, chances are you are not enjoying being around your partner properly. When you deliberately avoid each other, it means the relationship has run out of steam.

Financial difficulties

How do you know when a relationship is ending? In most cases, the financial component plays an important role in the relationship. It is very difficult to live together for people who have different ideas about comfort and coziness. Any normal person wants the best for himself and his family. But it can be noted that often there are people who are used to being content with little. So, if a simple one-room apartment is enough for your man, and you don’t refuse to live in a palace, then your views on life are clearly opposite, and soon you may have serious problems and omissions.

Annoyed man and woman

It is important to understand that not all men strive to ensure a decent life for themselves and their families. They are lazy, constantly unsure of their abilities and very often find stupid excuses. Therefore, women tend, sooner or later, to go to the most promising candidates.

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The end of a relationship is often triggered by a lack of support from the chosen one. It often happens that partners do not consider it necessary to give each other a helping hand. When in a relationship everyone is for himself, then there is no point in their continuation. Of course, cohabitation or sex without obligation is not relevant. People in such relationships are rarely connected to each other.

Man and woman hugging

Perhaps you do not trust your partner with your secrets or secrets, put a password on your phone and computer, etc. Can we talk about trust in this case? Not!

It is important to understand that distrust is very closely related to a breakup.


How do you know when the relationship is over? Signs can be very different. But there is always an opportunity to restore them if the partners have feelings.

Often spouses who have lived together for several years grow cold towards each other. The most surprising thing is that in the first months, perhaps even years of relationships, it seemed to lovers that there was no one closer to them. And after 5-10 years, they stop feeling happy and move away from each other. The fact is that at the beginning of a relationship, people tend to see a partner through “rose-colored glasses”, and after a while notice a lot of shortcomings.

In such a situation, it is important to understand that not everyone has the opportunity to get a job that he likes and will bring the desired income. Of course, a person must always strive to achieve heights, otherwise his life will turn into a joyless existence.

Loss of interest

In the answer to the question of how to understand that the relationship ends, few people need. It is common for everyone to feel when a partner begins to feel indifferent. Many couples have experienced a loss of interest. In such a situation, one should not take offense at the chosen one, try to “shake the soul out of him” in order to understand the reason for the chill in the relationship. It is very rare in pairs that partners love each other equally. Feeling the other person and giving him free space is very important in family life.

Very often people mistakenly believe that they have become strangers to each other and it is time for them to separate. In fact, the whole problem lies in the accumulated and unresolved problems and omissions. Few are prepared to deal with the snowball of discontent. For many, a relationship with a new partner is the easy way out.

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Before deciding on a desperate step, you need to understand the problems. If you are disappointed in your chosen one, then perhaps the problem lies with you. Some people find it difficult to accept people with disabilities. Try to understand that all people are different. Each person has their own advantages and disadvantages.


If you and your partner have reached this critical point, then feel free to admit to yourself that you are already strangers. No need to create illusions about the resumption of full-fledged relationships. Remember that there is nothing easier than to stop feeling in love or affection for someone who does not respect you.

how to understand that the relationship ends

If such a union continues to exist, it does not take into account the needs and desires of each other. Most likely, complete indifference reigns there. Does anyone really enjoy such a relationship? Better to understand, forgive and … let go.

Contempt and lies

No matter what caused the hatred, partners should support each other in any situation. You may have noticed how a man can easily give up his feelings for an overweight girlfriend. And it will not be difficult for a woman to lose interest in a partner who is not achieving success in her career. How can you continue a relationship with a person who feels contempt for you ?!

Girl holding a wedding ring

People tend to lie not only to others, but also to themselves. Some are so afraid to change something in their life that they are ready to speak words of love without feeling any feelings for their partner.

Psychological advice

How do you know what you want when relationships are painful? Many are familiar with the situation when it is bad next to the chosen one, but without him it is even worse. Below we will look at tips from a psychologist that will help you understand what is happening, as well as forge problematic relationships:

A girl and a guy at a psychologist's appointment
  1. Think about how you feel when your partner hugs, caresses, kisses, or strokes. Listen to your body. If such thoughts cause you exceptionally pleasant flushes, and you do not feel dislike or irritation, then it makes sense to fight for your relationship.
  2. Keep your emotions in check. It is very rare that we can hold back when we are angry with our partner. Over time, this leads to negativity that builds up. Subsequently, people may feel like strangers to each other. Everything that we say in anger to our chosen one is destructive.
  3. Try to listen and hear your partner. Analyze criticism and every word. Try not to respond with harsh reproaches to comments. Try to understand the information he is trying to convey to you. Perhaps he lacks love, care, understanding, affection, interest or tenderness.
  4. Change your strategy in time. When you feel like yelling and venting all your anger at your loved one, take a deep breath and exhale a decent amount of air a couple of times. Be patient and understanding. Very often we miss this, and negative emotions prevent us from hearing each other when it is so important.
  5. Change reality. Probably every person has come across a situation when it seemed to him that he was “knocking on a closed door”. In such cases, it is almost impossible to keep emotions under control, since it is difficult to convey the necessary information to the partner. Invite your partner to work on problems in your relationship through play. The bottom line: swap places. For some time, you will have to act like your chosen one. The task of both partners is to show by example all the shortcomings of the behavior of their spouse. In the process, you will be able to analyze all your negative qualities. Moreover, such a game takes place without reproaches and clarifications.
  6. When the relationship got worse, it was time to talk about feelings. Often we are very afraid to express our true feelings, so we hide under the guise of reproach, irritability and anger. Or you can simply explain to your partner the reason for your dissatisfaction.
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So we sorted out the topic related to how to understand that the relationship ends, and also considered the cases when they can be saved.

Remember to work on relationships. This is the only way to save them. If you feel distant from each other, then re-read the above tips again before destroying what has taken so long to build.

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