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How much choline do you need?

Choline belongs to the group of vitamin-like substances, it is also called vitamin B4. It is produced in small quantities by the human body and is also found in some foods. Choline has antioxidant properties; without it, the normal functioning of such important organs as the liver, nervous system and brain cells is impossible.

Scientists believe that 90% of the population has too low levels of this substance in the body, because popular recommendations of modern nutritionists limit the use of foods rich in it. Meanwhile, the researchers argue that increased choline levels provide a number of serious benefits: a decrease in the risk of heart disease, prevention of NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), and a 24% reduction in the risk of breast cancer.

Choline Required

Who needs choline?

Choline level is an individual indicator that depends on heredity and many other factors. Exact daily choline norm in food has not been established, but a minimum amount has been determined by the Institute of Medicine to prevent deficiency and potential damage to internal organs. It is for men – 550 mg, for women – 425 mg, for children – 250 mg per day.

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These requirements vary depending on many reasons: dietary habits, lifestyle, bad habits and diseases. The more saturated fatty foods in your diet, the more choline you need to export this fat to your liver.

How much choline do you need?

Choline is especially needed:

  • pregnant women – choline is needed for proper intrauterine development of the fetus, reducing the risk of premature birth, preeclampsia and underweight newborn;
  • athletes – choline supplements help increase endurance, reduce body weight without negative effects;
  • with alcohol abuse – alcohol increases the liver’s need for choline;
  • postmenopausal women – estrogen deficiency increases the need for vitamin B4, with its lack, the risk of disruption to the work of many organs increases;
  • vegetarians – they avoid choline-rich foods such as eggs, meat and fish products.published by

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