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How old do you look? Take 3 easy tests

Do you often meet people who look younger or older than their biological age? How do you know how old they feel? Appearance and internal state depend on many factors: genetics, nutrition, lifestyle. There are simple and affordable techniques that help you find out the difference between your real age and the one you feel like.

Simple tests can help you find this difference. If you’re curious about how old you look and feel, take a few tests.

Test one: checking the vestibular apparatus

This requires:

  • stand up, straighten your back;
  • raise the right or left leg by bending it at the knee joint;
  • calculate how many seconds you can stand in this position.

How old do you look?  Take 3 easy tests

If you can hold the pose for half a minute, then you are 20 years old. If 20 seconds, then you are 40 years old. If 15 seconds, then you are 50 years old. If 10 seconds – 60 or more years.

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Test two: check the condition of the skin and joints

For this you need:

  • with the index and middle fingers of one hand, grab the skin in the area of ​​the hand on the other hand;
  • after 5 seconds, release the skin and notice how many seconds it will return to its original state so that there are no folds on the hand.

If the skin on the hand becomes smooth in less than 5 seconds, then you are 20 years old, if a little more than 5 seconds, then 30 years old. If after 8 seconds, then you are 40 years old. If after 10 seconds – 50 years, and after 15 seconds, then 60 or more years.
How old do you look?  Take 3 easy tests

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Test three: exercise “lock”

You can perform this exercise both standing and sitting – you need to close your hands behind your back in the “lock” as much as possible. If you can reach your hands, then you are 20 years old. If it turned out to touch only with the fingers of both hands, then the age is 30 years.

If you failed to touch your fingers, then the age is 40 years. And if it was not possible to get the hands behind the back (or at least one hand), then the age is 50 years or more.
These simple tests will help you understand how healthy you are and how healthy your diet is. published by

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