How to achieve harmony with yourself and the world around you: advice from a psychologist

What person does not strive to achieve that very inner harmony with himself, with the outside world and others, about which everyone is so inspiredly repeating? Psychology defines harmony as peace of mind when reality is fully consistent with your inner state. In modern realities, it is not so easy to meet a one hundred percent harmonious personality, we all live in constant tension, one stressful situation replaces another and so on in a circle. And what to say about not the best ecology, serious workloads, unpleasant people around? The list is endless, and you can’t put up with internal problems. Only by being in harmony with yourself can you safely say that you are living a happy and fulfilling life. So where to start the path of becoming a harmonious person?

Let’s start with a wishlist

Any goal is achieved only if you clearly understand why and where you are striving. Psychologists recommend starting with a personal wish list. What is needed in order to find harmony with yourself? First, you need to start by improving relations with your close environment, with those people with whom you are in contact most often in everyday life. Secondly, you need to analyze your own mood and come to the conclusion that no person, no external situation is reflected in your condition. Thirdly, we feel complete satisfaction when we achieve our goals. This will also have to be worked out thoroughly. Fourthly, in order to feel that same emotional balance, you will have to start enjoying every day and from the very morning tune yourself only to the positive, even when it is gray outside the window, problems cover your head and it seems that there are no reasons for smiles.

What does psychology say?

It is sad, but virtually every day every person, willy-nilly, is faced with the harmful influence of negative emotions, harmful substances and toxic people. All this taken together has a serious impact on the quality of our life. Harmony is a fragile state that not everyone is able to achieve, especially not only for their own inner world, but also for the environment. You will have to seriously work on changing your habits, correctly prioritize, get rid of things and people that negatively affect not only your emotional, but also your physical condition. And how to achieve harmony with yourself?

healthly food

We are what we eat

We have all heard this phrase since school times, but have we listened? Psychologists advise you to include more natural ingredients in your diet. First of all, we are talking about products that are grown and prepared without the use of chemical and food additives. Your nutrition is your health. No other is given. It has long been proven that the more organic foods in your diet, the better not only the physical, but also the emotional state. Conduct an experiment, give up delicious pizza or flavored cola tonight – and the next morning you will not only wake up easier, but you will also feel light and free. This is where the harmony of a person with himself begins.

harmony is meditation

Big things start with little things

And we are talking about forever forgetting about toxic products that almost everyone uses during the most common cleaning of the house. The same goes for cosmetics. In these two areas, the situation is not the most favorable for the human body. Most cleaning products contain harmful substances that can seriously harm your health. When it comes to cosmetics, the situation is even more serious. The fact is that many cosmetic products contain elements that, at first glance, do not cause any concern, but have a cumulative effect. And their use for a long time can seriously affect the quality of health.

happy man

Fresh air is our everything

Yes, motorists will have a hard time, only to introduce into their life the habit of arranging walking is strictly necessary if you are on the way to achieving the cherished harmony with yourself and the world around you. Psychologists have long proven that walking is not only good physical activity, but also one of the most effective methods of fighting laziness. Many rich and famous people often say that during walks there is time to think about everything that worries and even find the best possible way to solve these problems. For good health and sound sleep, we simply need clean air. So don’t even think about giving up on trips to nature with family or friends.

unity with nature

Meditation is the key to success

Controlling your thoughts is often very difficult. They prevent us from sleeping, eating, communicating, and just thinking rationally. To find inner harmony, you need to learn to control yourself, and meditation will become a lifeline in this matter. Daily practices will help not only to establish harmony within yourself, but also improve your interaction with the outside world.

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The environment is us

All the described rules are very important for inner harmony, but you will not be able to achieve this feeling if there are those around you who cause exclusively negativity. These characters are usually called energy vampires who feed on your emotions and vitality. Minimize communication with those who cause you increased irritability, stress, which leads to headaches, problems not only with mood, but also with health. Let those who cause only joyful emotions, inspire, motivate to self-development and to accomplish good deeds remain nearby. If there is no way to get rid of unpleasant people, you will have to learn to stay calm and not take negative attacks to heart. It is also recommended to compensate for communication with energy vampires by communication with people who are pleasant to you.

good mood

Be happy!

What does harmony with oneself mean? In fact, everything is simple, learn one rule: happiness is not acquired, it is the eternal right of absolutely every person from the very first days of life. No environment can make a person happy just because the main source of real happiness is not in others, but in ourselves. The whole difficulty lies in the fact that a person is able to achieve absolutely any state, including harmony with himself, only if he understands that everything depends only on his own choice. No wonder they say, if you want to be happy – be happy! Happiness is our choice, not the result of any action or process.

Adequate self-esteem is the basis of inner harmony

In order to overcome life’s difficulties with minimal losses, you just need to adequately assess yourself. It is only thanks to this that a person finds the strength to fight the fear of emerging problems and find solutions. Yes, we are not a million dollars to please everyone. There will always be those who will condemn, not understand us. How to achieve harmony with yourself? Just admit the fact that it is simply impossible to be a highly qualified specialist in all spheres of life, but only with a strong desire for something we are able to achieve any goals, despite the obstacles that arise on the way. Yes, we are not perfect and mistakes in life cannot be avoided. Accept this and move along the intended path, without being sprayed on empty.

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It all starts with self-love

The best assistant in achieving inner harmony with oneself is meditation. Repeat aloud at any free minute the following words: I love myself, accept myself with all my emotions and sensations. Just try it and you will immediately notice how your own perception of yourself will change. And you no longer have to think about how to achieve harmony with yourself, because you will be close to this state as never before.

calmness and balance

Harmony is living in the present

The main rule of life is simple – do not forget that the most important moment in life happens right here and now! It is only when you throw away the thoughts of what you do not have that you feel that joy of the present moment. The burden of the past often causes only negative emotions, so learn to analyze your condition. Psychologists recommend at the end of each day to think about who and what causes even a minimal change in your mood for the worse. Do not forget about those thoughts in which you criticize, ridicule and do not accept yourself. Learn to watch yourself closely from the side.

What’s the bottom line?

So how to achieve harmony with yourself? First of all, we must learn to get rid of stress. An excellent helper in this difficult task – regular walks, favorite music with headphones, fresh air. Take some time for yourself, even a couple of hours a week is enough. Only this time should be spent in absolute solitude, alone with oneself. Clean regularly and get rid of all unnecessary things that litter not only your life, but also your brain. And most importantly – put all your strength into learning to accept yourself, with all the flaws and cockroaches in your head. This step is the most important component of happiness. Try to start with the simplest exercise: stand in front of a mirror and out loud, clearly say everything that has ever confused you in yourself, do not forget to praise yourself. It doesn’t matter what, figure or character. And then just agree with everything said. Only be sure to aloud and loudly. And never forget that happiness is in ourselves, not in the world around us.

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