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How to choose a pantry door

Let’s find out what are the popular options for decorating doors designed for a pantry room.

The door to the pantry has two important functions – to hide everything that is stored in this room, and to act as part of the decor of the room. We will find out what the doors to the pantry can be, how the owners can arrange them and additionally use them.

Choosing the door to the pantry, you can go in two ways:

  1. Try to disguise it as much as possible. This is relevant if, for example, the entrance to the pantry is equipped from the living room and guests do not want to show that the room has storage space. In this case, invisible doors are ideal for you, to which the portal Rmnt.ru devoted a separate article. Or just a sliding door, covered with wallpaper or painted in the color of the wall.
  2. Leave the pantry entrance visible. For example, if there are several doors in a room, they should all be in the same style, the same. Or it was decided to make the entrance an element of decor, which, on the contrary, should be highlighted.

How to choose a pantry door

As for the design features, the doors to the pantry can be:

  • Swing. The most familiar option. If the doorway is wide, then two leaves can be installed. By the way, a double door can be a good option for a pantry, allowing you to effectively ventilate the room, easily find the right thing, and use natural light.
  • Sliding doors, compartment. Tracks are established along which the canvas will move. A convenient option for small rooms and cramped corridors, where a swing door will definitely interfere.
  • Folding doors, accordions. They are more expensive, but convenient if the doorway is wider than usual, there is no desire and ability to make compartment doors or install two swing doors.
  • Jalousie. An alternative to a regular door, which is perfectly suitable for a pantry. Blinds can be vertical, horizontal, protective, roller. They are lightweight, simply mounted on the doorway, allow air to pass through and do not clutter up the space.
  • An unusual option is barn doors. They are also sliding, stylish and at the peak of their popularity today. The entrance to the pantry will turn into a focal point, attracting the eyes of guests.

How to choose a pantry doorHow to choose a pantry door

You can generally refuse the door to the pantry, replacing it with a thick curtain. The idea is not new, but still relevant. The contents of the pantry will be reliably hidden, and the design of the curtains can be absolutely anything, it all depends on your taste and the style of the room’s decoration.

How to choose a pantry door

How to choose a pantry door

As the designers note, the choice of the door to the pantry depends on the following factors:

  • The location and width of the doorway.
  • The purpose of this room, because you can turn it into a working corner, a mini-office or a needlewoman’s workshop, a dressing room, a food warehouse.
  • Availability of space for a swing door.
  • Interior style.

Note that doors with glass inserts for storage rooms are not used very often, except that this is required by the design of the rest of the doorways located in the same room. However, frosted glass is a suitable option for decorating the door to the pantry.

How to choose a pantry door

A separate topic is the rational use of the door leaf to the pantry from the inside. Indeed, a conventional swing door can also be converted into additional storage space, making the most of the space. Hooks, pockets, shelves will allow you to store many useful things on the back of the door.

How to choose a pantry door

You can do without a door or curtain to the pantry altogether only if you have perfect order there. And this does not always happen, you must agree! Therefore, make a thoughtful choice so that the door to the pantry is both functional and beautiful. published by econet.ru

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