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How to drink water properly: Ayurveda tips

The human body is approximately 70% liquid. Water has not only hygienic but also medicinal value. It is the basis of all cells and tissues of the body. During the day, the kidneys, skin and lungs secrete about 15 glasses of water, which must be replenished for the body to function normally.

Many people eventually lose their natural thirst and need for clean fresh water. And some stop drinking it altogether, replacing it with juices, lemonade, strong coffee and tea drinks. Thus, they force their body to work hard to extract the necessary fluid from the incoming products. In addition, there are those who are convinced that water can be harmful.

We drink water according to Ayurveda

In oriental medicine, it is believed that a lack of water in the body leads to diseases of the digestive system, metabolic disorders, and disorders in the urinary excretory system. Lack of fluid leads to the concentration of salts in organs and tissues, their deposition and the risk of developing urinary stone disease.

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What kind of water is good for you?

Ayurveda says that sufficient intake of raw water is the main condition for maintaining health and getting rid of many diseases. Pure spring water or melt water is considered the best for this.… At home, you can freeze plain or boiled water, then defrost it and drink it. Thawed water retains the structure and all the properties of ice, it is useful, easily absorbed by the body, and normalizes metabolic processes.

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How to drink water properly: Ayurveda tips

In addition, you can drink ordinary purified tap water, if there are no prohibitions. To do this, pour it into a container made of glass, wood, porcelain or other natural materials. Then let it settle for at least half an hour, so that chlorine evaporates during this time. If possible, put a silver spoon in the water or use an ionizer.

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Drinking regime

Raw, clean water at room temperature should be drunk, starting with 3-4 glasses a day. Every week or 10 days, you can increase the number of doses by one glass. In the summer heat, you should drink 10-12 glasses a day, and in winter – 8-10 glasses. This number does not include first courses, sauces and other types of drinks. In Eastern practice, it is not recommended to drink water in one gulp, only in small sips, evenly throughout the day. Published by

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