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How to feed your face: vitamins and supplements for youthful skin

Cosmetics help us maintain our beauty and attractiveness. But without proper nutrition, there can be no question of youth and skin health. What kind of food products help maintain firm, elastic and smooth skin?

Residents of Japan have the most beautiful skin. One gets the impression that they just don’t age. Japan is famous for its long-livers, and their skin shows no signs of aging for a long time. This is due to the peculiarities of the Japanese diet, saturated with seafood, vegetables and excluding sugar and saturated fats.

The face requires proper nutrition

Adults have minimal signs of aging, whose menus include olive oil, fish, seafood, nuts, legumes, yogurt, tea, whole grains, green vegetables, fruits, and berries. And with a passion for fatty meats, saturated fats, potatoes, sugar-sweetened drinks and desserts, the risk of wrinkles increases.

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Here are the optimal foods for skin health:

  • Carrots, apricots (yellow and orange fruits and vegetables).
  • Blueberries.
  • Spinach and other green leafy vegetables.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Legumes.
  • Fish (namely, salmon).
  • Nuts.

How to feed your face: vitamins and supplements for youthful skin

Fiber foods are recommended as they slow down the processing of sugar, which in turn slows down glycation, a process that ages the body and skin.

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Supplements for youthful skin

Vitamin C and lysine are antioxidants that inhibit the enzymes synthesized by cells that break down collagen.

Vitamin D – Provides skin health, relieves inflammation and strengthens the immune response.

Zinc – a mineral that helps heal wounds and normalizes hair and skin.

Vitamins A and E – relieve inflammation.

Omega-3 fatty acids – give the skin elasticity, restore its performance after exposure to UV radiation and protect DNA and collagen. Recommended to take Omega-3, the condition of the skin will gradually improve.

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Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) is an analogue of choline from the vitamin B complex. DMAE is important for the functions of the central nervous system. It improves the functioning of brain neurons, is an anti-aging agent that smooths wrinkles.

Phenylalanine is an amino acid that relieves depression and pain. It is effective in vitiligo, a disease that causes loss of pigmentation in certain areas of the skin.

Alpha Lipoic Acid – Protects cells from damage.

Grape seed extract – good for health in general, as its antioxidant properties act on collagen and give a youthful appearance to the skin, elasticity, firmness.

Probiotics – help normalize immune defenses after exposure to sunlight. In addition, consuming probiotics helps in skin renewal.

Splenda – reduces the concentration of essential bacteria and leads to an acidity imbalance, for this reason it is useful to avoid this sweetener… Stevia is a good alternative. published by

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