How to find harmony with yourself: recommendations and advice from a psychologist

Each of us strives for harmony. But sometimes neither loved ones, nor career, nor money are able to return this fleeting sensation, which we, of course, have already experienced, but not for long. Do you know why? Because we are looking for harmony in the people and things around us, as if making them responsible for its absence. However, in reality, it is hidden within us. Harmony is inner balance, peace and serenity that no external factors can shake. Perhaps only yogis and Buddhist monks can achieve this level of harmonization. Can we, ordinary people, be able to achieve it?

We have collected some useful tips from psychologists that will tell you how to find harmony within yourself. Follow these simple rules and do what you really want to do. This is the secret of inner peace. Confucius said:

What the higher man strives for is in himself, and what the lower man seeks is in others.

Harmonization of space

Happiness is in the little things. If you can create a peaceful and cozy atmosphere around you, your chances of finding harmony will increase significantly. The task of your home is to restore energy and mental strength, to give protection and warmth. How to harmonize it? It all depends on your individual preferences. You can decorate rooms with flowers, Vedic attributes, or images of the body of water.

Love yourself

girl and sea

A person who does not love and does not accept himself, a priori, cannot be happy and harmonious. Falling in love and forgiving yourself is a difficult but important step. It requires tremendous willpower. And it does not consist of one stage.

The first thing you need to do is remember the winged quote from the movie “There are only girls in jazz”: “Everyone has their own shortcomings.” And you must accept yours and not punish yourself for imperfection. Do not allow yourself to talk about the shortcomings of your own appearance, and you should think about them less. Don’t compare yourself to others. Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Every person I meet is superior to me in some way.” But is this a reason to voluntarily give up love for yourself and your own uniqueness? After all, it is for small imperfections that others love us.

And also remember that you always have a chance to get better. It is enough just to want. At the same time, do not forget to praise yourself for small successes and as little as possible imagine what other people think of you.

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Love yourself enough to improve physically and spiritually, not infringe on your own dignity and act according to your convictions. At the same time, of course, without in any way affecting the interests of other people.

Smile often

how to find harmony

We receive from the Universe a mirror image of our thoughts. Perhaps everyone knows about this. Depressed feelings, bad moods and negative thoughts ultimately worsen your physical condition, making life bleak and bleak.

Smiling is the best way to improve your mood and attitude towards life. Have you come from work, where you have experienced numerous stresses, and at home – a mountain of unwashed dishes, a tired husband and naughty children? Try to find pleasure in moments that you probably did not notice – the smile of the children, the kiss of the husband, the greeting of the cat. And try to smile.

Smiling is closely related to our emotional state and physical health. Scientists have proven its positive effect on human health, because at this time the brain receives a signal about an excellent mood. After that, the body produces endorphins, which are hormones of joy. It is they who contribute to raising the mood. However, this is not the only way to suggest how to find harmony with yourself.

Enjoy the moment

Have you noticed that you are constantly in a hurry somewhere, often talk and think about the future? For some reason, people always think that the future will be better, so their thoughts are mostly in it. However, this is fundamentally the wrong approach. You are in a hurry to live, not noticing that the years are passing, and you are still in a state of waiting for someone: it will be better, more, more needed. But how can one find peace of mind and harmony within with such thinking?

stop in the moment

Pay attention to how you spend your day. Surely you are in a hurry somewhere, you don’t have time for anything. This is how adults taught you from childhood: they rushed you to kindergarten, school, and then to work. Try to spend your day paying attention to small details: bright flowers on the table, birdsong, smiles of passers-by, hot coffee. Stop in your moments and try to do whatever you like without rushing. And in unpleasant affairs, try to find something pleasant. We assure you it is there!

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Negative thoughts and feelings

harmony within yourself

Everyone says that you need to try to experience fewer negative emotions. However, in reality, we are not able to protect ourselves from them (unless we sit at home without getting out, not reading the news and not communicating with people). You just need to learn to accept them. You can be overcome by jealousy, resentment, rage for years, but you can hide them in a far corner of your consciousness. Because admitting that you have been offended, insulted or humiliated is very difficult. Once you accept these emotions, run them through your own consciousness, you will find a way to get rid of them.

In his book The Happiness Hypothesis, John Haydt argues that it is important to put your negative emotions into words. What is said no longer owns you. And you can let him go. And to do this is very simple – you just need to forgive the offender. And we, discussing how to find harmony with ourselves, smoothly move on to the next point.

Forgive everyone, including yourself

forgive everyone

Not all people are good at forgiving. Only a few have this ability. However, it can be gained by accumulating enough wisdom and understanding from others. Do you still remember the offensive words of your boss, the unpleasant words of the object of your first love, or a quarrel with your neighbor? Forgive these people and let go of negative emotions. Free yourself. Don’t be too hard on the world and on yourself – we are all faulty. Here’s how to find harmony with yourself. Although at first glance, the task seems impossible.

Forgiveness is especially important for women. Many women are interested in how to find harmony within themselves. However, forgiveness, especially for men, is difficult for them. At the same time, women themselves sometimes do not understand that it is their grievances against the male half of the population that become the causes of diseases of the reproductive system. Is it worth it?

In order to forgive a person, it is enough to sympathize with him. Think that the person who hurt you is probably unhappy. And sincerely have pity on him. After all, his anger destroys him from the inside. You did not contact him for long, and he still has to live with himself.

Learn to perceive the men who appear in your life as teachers. Did he bring you happiness, but ultimately hurt you? Thank him for the good emotions and let him go in peace. Think about what you learned from this relationship. After all, for some reason he was sent to you by the Universe.

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Learn to forgive yourself too. You are entitled to errors and defects. Here’s how to find harmony with yourself for a person.

Make friends with money

Finance is the main source of our stress. It’s bad without them, but when they appear, it’s a pity to waste them! As a result, people are in constant stress, because for some reason they believe that money can bring them happiness. Psychologists deny this misconception, saying that it is the successful and rich people who are mostly unhappy. And millions, if not billions, do not really help them cope with depression.

However, the habit of spending money without thinking is also not very useful. Therefore, it is recommended to write down all the expenses that you make during the month. Researchers have found that this technique can cut costs by a third. Try to save 10% of your income monthly. And you should spend money not only on things and food, but also on impressions.

How to find inner harmony? Give thanks

harmony and happiness

Psychologists advise you to write down events every day for which you want to thank the Universe. The ability to be grateful is called by experts a key component of happiness. But we are used to paying more attention to negative events than positive ones. Scientists have long established that visually ugliness people remember much better than beauty. This is due to our inability to focus on the good. And how to find spiritual harmony if we do not know how to see the beauty around?

Do what you like

If you don’t like your job, but you cannot change it yet, try to find advantages in it. Think about how it allows you to grow. And of course, find a hobby that you really enjoy. Even if you can devote very little time to it. Doing what you like is perhaps the secret of happiness. Perhaps one day your hobby will grow into an income-generating activity. Scientists have long established that true success can only be achieved by doing what brings pleasure. Here’s how to find harmony with yourself.

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