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How to fix drooping eyebrows?

The temporal muscles may have weakened activity, and then their volume decreases, and the temples become sunken. Stimulation of these muscles helps to “keep” the normal temporal volume, to prevent drooping of the outer third of the eyebrow and the outer edges of the eyes. And crow’s feet wrinkles will become less noticeable.

The temporal muscles are paired, symmetrical and work in the masticatory group. They also take part in lifting the lower jaw. Our temporalis muscle is fan-shaped and located in the temporal fossa. It controls the condition of the skin on the outside of the eye and the location of the outer third of the eyebrow. Why is it important to train the temporal muscles? The appearance of our face largely depends on them.

Activating the temporal muscles

If the temporalis muscle is weak, its volume decreases and the temples sink slightly. Stimulation of these muscles makes it possible to “hold” the temporal volume, to avoid drooping of the outer edge of the eyebrow and the outer corners of the eyes. There is a special exercise for this.

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Exercise to activate the temporal muscles

Starting position: sit or stand, the spine is completely straight. Gently place the pads of the fingers on the head at the edge of the hair growth along the corresponding points (see picture).

How to fix drooping eyebrows?

Technique for performing an exercise for the temporal muscles

  • Slightly pulsate with the fingertips at a heart rate (direction – back and up). At the same time, we mentally transmit a signal to our muscles to move.… We carry out the action for 30 seconds.
  • We lower our hands, shake off the tension that has arisen from them. Without hands, with just one mental signal, we will try to move the temporal muscles in the described direction. We pulse with muscles for 30 seconds. Relax.
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You can see in the mirror how during the pulling up of the temporal muscles the outer third of the eyebrows are slightly raised and the wrinkle zone called “crow’s feet” is smoothed out. If the result is not noticeable yet, do not be discouraged, but continue to perform this muscle gymnastics.

How to fix drooping eyebrows?

This is good to remember! In all exercises where the pulsation method is used, the movements of the fingers should be completely light, while the skin is shifted by a maximum of 1-2 millimeters. Concentrate on the muscles under your fingertips. We feel them, we feel weak finger pressure, we notice a slight warmth or tingling in the muscles.

Training the temporal muscles will give the face a more youthful and attractive look.

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