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How to forget about weeding for 25 years

Perhaps there is no more disgusting job than plucking weeds. But there is a way to get rid of them for as much as 25 years. Just imagine: a quarter of a century without weeding! Some summer residents have heard about it, but they are afraid to try it on their acres – they do not believe that the method works.

Last year I decided to try it out at my dacha. I set aside a small area for the experiment. I did everything according to the rules and was convinced: this is ideal. There was not a single blade of grass this year! And what is also nice, the plants are always clean – they never have drops of earth, which always appear when watering with a hose.

Work progress

The site is dug up, carefully choosing the rhizomes of perennials. Then the ground is leveled with a rake. A special geotextile is laid on top – a dark-colored non-woven material (it is sold in garden centers). And mulch is poured on top – chips, crushed bark or small stones.

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Mulch is not just for beauty, it allows you to extend the life of a non-woven fabric, because without shelter, the matter loses its properties after two years. And with mulch it serves for 25 years.

Geofabric has unique properties. It is dense – rhizome weeds are not able to break through it. It is dark – the seedlings of annual weeds under it die without light. It passes water well into the soil, but does not allow it to quickly evaporate back – you will have to water much less!

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To plant a plant on such a site, you need to rake out the mulch, make a cruciform incision in the geofabric, bend the corners and press them down with pebbles. Then carefully dig a hole, place a seedling in it, cover the roots with earth, return the corners of the fabric to their original position and sprinkle with mulch again. Thus, you can ennoble the garden, and the flower garden, and the beds with strawberries, and the rose garden.

How to forget about weeding for 25 years

There is a nuance

But it is important to choose the right mulch. It’s not just a matter of taste.

For example, bark and wood chips will be appropriate in a flower garden, rose garden or strawberry plantation, away from trees and shrubs. But in the garden, these materials are not suitable. The fact is that in autumn foliage attacks from trees and it will be extremely difficult to remove it. You will have to collect each leaf by hand.

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But if you fill the garden with small stones, for example, granite gravel (as in our case), then getting rid of the litter is much easier – you can sweep it off with a broom or blow it off with a special garden vacuum cleaner. With crushed bark and chips, this issue will not work – they will also be swept away and blown away. Published by econet.ru.

Author: Alexey Volodikhin

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