How to get a gift from a man: advice from a psychologist

Every girl loves pleasant surprises and gifts. And absolutely everyone dreams of getting the desired thing. Tune in to the fact that you deserve to receive not only trinkets, but also expensive gifts from your man.

What women are not given presents?

Getting expensive gifts from a man is much easier than women think.

It often happens that a guy gives his beloved some meaningless trinkets or does not consider it necessary to spend money on presents.

Consider the main types of women to whom men do not give gifts:

  1. Those who believe that accepting gifts from men is wrong and bad. Such an attitude can be embedded in a girl from childhood. You will have to work on yourself and understand that it is common for men to perform feats for the sake of their loved ones, to make them various surprises and gifts. And the more attention and care he shows, the more he loves his chosen one.
  2. Those who refuse presents because of their modesty. In this case, I would like to advise girls to understand that they are worthy of gifts. You shouldn’t consider a man like a bag of money. Try to understand that the guy is interested in pleasing you.
  3. Those who feel obligated to accept the gift. This is considered a difficult psychological case. Perhaps this opinion was imposed by grandmothers or mothers. To cope with such a problem, try to remember yourself as a little girl who received gifts joyfully, not allowing in her head the thought that it is necessary to give something in return. If a person wants to give you a gift, then most likely he does it from a pure heart, and not because of selfish intentions.
  4. Those who show their displeasure. Even if you know in advance what gift your man will present, or you are not getting what you dreamed of, then you should not immediately speak negatively, and even more so criticize the received present. Rejoice, because the person tried for you.

Create a special atmosphere

How to receive gifts from men? In fact, any adequate representative of the strong half of humanity wants to present his beloved with flowers and things she dreams of. In order for a man to do this with pleasure, a woman must charge him with a special atmosphere. Guys love it when a girl experiences enchanting and sincere delight from any surprise they present. And this means that in the future the man will continue to give gifts to the chosen one with pleasure.

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Talk about what you want

Many women are interested in how to receive a gift, but not everyone realizes why a partner does not spoil her. It is very important for a man to voice his desires. He is not a psychic who can understand from one glance in the direction of the desired thing that you want to receive it as a gift. It is not necessary to tell him about it “head on”. You can subtly hint. You can start talking about the gorgeous dress that you saw in the window when you walked through the mall.

Couple walking

Some women use a rather strange trick. Phrases: “I saw a handbag of a new model of a famous brand in one woman and I thought, what a wonderful man she has …” can never be used. You can offend your chosen one and completely discourage him from giving you gifts.

Do not be greedy

Whether it is possible to ask for gifts from men is of interest to many women, but it is important to understand that such an action should come from one’s own, and not an imposed desire.

Car as a gift

Many people misunderstand the lack of modesty and go too far. Some women tend to talk about how hard it is for them without a car or paying for a rented apartment during the second date. Such exactingness and “gluttony” can seriously frighten off a man, and he will decide that you are with him because of the money.

Down with independence

How to receive gifts from men without asking? To begin with, you should understand that even though you are a successful girl with your own car and a spacious apartment in the center of the capital, as well as you can buy a sable fur coat and a diamond necklace for yourself, do not show this to your chosen one. Otherwise, the man will be simply at a loss and if he can choose a gift, he is unlikely to dare to present it to you, since there is nothing special about it, unlike all the material goods that you have.

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How to ask for gifts from men?

Psychology and research in the field of relationships between men and women shows that there is nothing wrong with asking. If a woman asks for nothing from her chosen one, she deliberately reduces his male potential. Real men want to be necessary for their beloved and often get real pleasure from the joy they bring to their partner.

is it possible to ask for gifts from a man

Moreover, some psychologists believe that the main woman’s responsibility is to ask her boyfriend for the things she wants and needs. If the girl does not ask for anything, but is content with little, then the chosen one sooner or later begins to relax and stops making any efforts in order to deliver positive emotions to his beloved.

Do not hurry

If you force your chosen one to give you expensive gifts on a regular basis, then soon, he may feel used up. Therefore, if you require a mink coat or a vacation in Bali, he will decide that you are with him solely for material gain.

how to ask for gifts from men advice

As mentioned earlier, there is nothing reprehensible in the fact that girls ask for gifts from their chosen ones, but the tactics must be correct. Try to act from small to large so that your partner gradually gets used to giving you good gifts. If you enjoy even pleasant little things, then he will have much more desire to make you happier.

Show the benefit

How to get a gift if a man refuses to give it? Guys often wonder why a girl needs ten pairs of shoes or eight evening dresses. Your task is to prove to your partner that you really need this thing. You can give various arguments related to how great it will look on you, and he will admire your beauty.

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If we are talking about a more expensive purchase, such as a car, then you can say that you just need it, since you want to come home much earlier in order to meet him with a delicious dinner.

A man should understand the benefits of investing in your gifts. And the more arguments you give, the more you will increase your partner’s desire to bestow you.

Important Tips

We looked at the question of how to ask for gifts from men. The tips for the art of accepting gifts don’t just apply to gifts from your boyfriend. Very often, girls are madly happy with banal trinkets from their lovers, but criticize such things when they receive them as a gift from relatives and friends. Sooner or later, a man will understand that you are unhappy with many gifts, and next time he will change his mind about buying another thing for you.

Holiday gift


  1. If you wanted to receive a completely different thing as a gift, then you should not show it. Picture joy. If you’ve done evening make-up or chopped up a salad, then drop it to unpack the gift. Sometimes indifference looks even more offensive than dissatisfaction.
  2. If the present really pleased you, then do not be afraid to show your sincere feelings. Admit to the donor that he was right with the choice.
  3. Remember that the person is not to blame for not being able to please you. Perhaps you haven’t figured out your desires yourself.
  4. If an unfamiliar person gives you an expensive gift, and you do not accept this, then do not be afraid to refuse. Refer to your husband or mother, who forbids you to accept expensive things as a gift.
  5. Never discuss bad gifts with other guests or relatives. Even if you dreamed of new earrings, and received another pot, restrain your emotions and thank the person.
The guy hides flowers

Often, men do not give gifts to their women simply because they do not know how to receive them correctly. Try to develop in yourself the art of accepting and giving presents, it will definitely come in handy for you.

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