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How to install wooden shutters on windows with your own hands

We will find out why shutters are needed in a modern house and how to make and install them.

The main function of shutters is to protect the house during the summer and winter months. Today, shutters perform a decorative function, they are decorated with patterns, various carvings, and painted in different colors.

Shutters for windows

  • Types of shutters
  • Wooden shutters with your own hands. First option
  • The second option of wooden shutters for windows
  • Metal shutters for windows
  • Shutter design and decor

How to install wooden shutters on windows with your own hands

Below we will consider the main functions and advantages of window shutters:

  • decor and interior of the room, since shutters can be installed both inside and outside the room, and this element is considered a wonderful decor detail;
  • a large number of shutters are decorated with various patterns, combinations and ornaments, and this makes them different from other houses;
  • protection of the house from exposure to open sunlight, heavy rain, heavy snow and wind;
  • the use of shutters as curtains to protect rooms from the prying eyes of neighbors;
  • window shutters are produced from natural environmentally friendly materials, for example, wood, so they are safe for human health.

With the development of the technological process and the emergence of roll shutters, blinds, curtains and various grilles, shutters have been forgotten and are practically not used. But a couple of years ago, the fashion for shutters returned again, they slightly changed their appearance and began to carry more of a decorative function, decorating houses, cottages and country houses.

Types of shutters

Window shutters can be divided according to their material of manufacture:

  • metal;
  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • paper.

The second type is best known; it decorates mainly wooden houses. Metal shutters are heavier and more protective. Shutters made of paper are usually located inside the room and protect it from sunlight. Plastic shutters are not as reliable as metal shutters, but they are affordable and capable of copying different textures.

How to install wooden shutters on windows with your own hands

By the location of the shutters are subdivided:

  • internal shutters;
  • external shutters.

Internal shutters are very lightweight and are usually made of wood or paper. Their main task is to create a certain barrier from the sun’s rays, but at the same time they should not interfere with the correct circulation of fresh air.

The external shutters have a higher functional load, therefore they are stronger and more reliable.

The shutters can be divided according to their external shape:

  • solid or monolithic;
  • panel board;
  • frame type;
  • louvered;
  • rectangular type;
  • arched;
  • sliding type;
  • mounted and so on.

Wooden shutters with your own hands. First option

In order to make wooden window shutters with your own hands, you will need the following tools:

  • electric drill,
  • ax,
  • saw,
  • screwdriver,
  • roulette,
  • level,
  • electric planer.

How to install wooden shutters on windows with your own hands

The process of assembling wooden shutters must begin with the release of the frame, which goes with the idea of ​​a pair of transverse crossbars. The material that is ideal is a wooden block. The frame for wooden shutters includes two crossbars and jibs. Before making the frame, you need to measure the window with a tape measure. You need to fix the frame with epoxy glue.

Step-by-step instructions for making your own shutters:

  1. The material must be well and efficiently prepared before starting work. To do this, you need to dry the tree and soak it with special impregnations – an antiseptic and water-repellent solution. Drying oil is ideal as a water-repellent solution. Lubricate the boards with linseed oil in several layers so that the entire wooden surface is saturated with the solution.
  2. After the boards are dry, you need to cut out a special shield from them, the edges of which must also be impregnated with the same solution.
  3. Next, drill holes for fasteners in the shield and connect them using metal tires. When joining boards, the distance between them should be minimal.
  4. Sand the entire surface of the shutters with sandpaper. Next, cover the product with varnish.
  5. Cover metal tires with an anti-corrosion solution.
  6. Install a special locking device on the shields.
  7. Fasten the canopies to the backboard and the installed frame. The choice of hinges will depend on the preferences and characteristics of the shutters. If you attach the canopies to the side, you get swing-type shutters, and if you attach them at the top, then the shutters will be lifting.
  8. Fasten all the shutters and be sure to check their evenness using a spirit level.
  9. The final style and type of shutters can be selected based on the overall design of the interior and windows.

The second option of wooden shutters for windows

In order to save money, as well as to choose a lightweight version of the shutter release, this structure will be made of wood. It is much more difficult to make plastic or metal shutters with your own hands.

How to install wooden shutters on windows with your own hands

Using a tape measure, you need to measure the window. Be sure to draw a diagram of the location of all shutters. Attach two crossbars at the location of the frame. Cut planks of a certain size and join them together using rallying.

Lay slats across the surface of the wooden shutters, which will provide additional protection to the structure. This method is used if wooden shutters are used to protect the room.

In order for the shutters to look neat, they should be connected in a hidden way of rallying. It involves the use of hidden studs with a specific thread. Using a drill, you need to drill a hole at the end of the board and install the studs. To avoid the appearance of gaps, the layers between the boards are coated with glue.

Metal shutters for windows

The main task of metal shutters is to protect a residential building from burglary or thieves. These shutters are installed in the winter and autumn seasons in the country or cottage.

That is why, when installing metal shutters, certain drainage systems are installed with their own hands.

If the shutters are installed only during the winter months, then the best option is to install and install a removable metal shield.

How to install wooden shutters on windows with your own hands

The disadvantage of these shutters for summer cottages and houses can be considered the large weight of the finished structure, but some shutters are made of aluminum, and this drawback disappears.

Metal shutters can be classified into two main types:

  • deaf;
  • jalousie.

The first option is used for a certain protection of the house from burglary, and the second will allow the sun’s rays and fresh air to enter the room.

The locking mechanism is located on the inside of the room, which is why these shutters are difficult to break.

To produce metal shutters with your own hands at home, you will need certain tools and materials.

Before starting work on the production of shutters, you need to measure the windows and make an accurate drawing of the entire structure.

How to install wooden shutters on windows with your own hands

For more accurate production, you need to measure the vertical and horizontal lengths of the slope, the sides of the window sill, the entire window surface and the corners.

The corner is needed for the production of a frame for metal shutters. For this, certain measurements and a welding mechanism are used.

Using self-tapping screws for metal, fasten the cut steel sheet to the frame. The step of cutting the self-tapping screws is not more than 5 cm. Seams between the sheets and the frame must be treated with silicone sealant. Use materials that are moisture-resistant and heat-resistant. In the shape of a cross, build special stiffeners.

Attach them to each metal sash.

A hole must be drilled in the vertical part of the frame to install the hinges. Fix the hinges using self-tapping screws.

Installation of these shutters can be both internal and external, but in the case of installation and installation of shutters inside the house, you need to use an aluminum sheet of metal to reduce the total weight of the structure.

Shutter design and decor

The simplest design options for shutters are painting to match the color of the windows. The choice of a certain color will highlight the interior of the house. If the windows are blue, then the shutters need to be painted in juicy blue, and they will noticeably stand out against the background of the whole house. It is possible to use white edging, which will attract attention and give an elegant appearance to the shutters.

Another option for decorating shutters is to install fresh flowers. In this case, it is necessary to paint the shutters in not bright pastel colors, against their background, the flowers will sparkle with bright and rich colors. If the region has a dry or hot climate, cacti can be installed instead of flowers.

Metal-type window shutters are decorated with special colored glass inserts or wrought iron bars. The shutters inside the room will harmoniously fit into the interior of the room and the house.

For those who love natural materials, treat wooden shutters with varnish only, in this case the texture of the wood will be clearly visible.

Specialists in wood carving make wooden shutters unique by applying different patterns.

Plastic shutters simulate different textures, ranging from a variety of wood, stone or metal.

It is possible to install double shutters, but the former are the lightest – they protect houses from sunlight, and the latter are used as a certain protection against snow and strong winds, as well as thieves. Good luck protecting your windows well! published by econet.ru

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