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How to insulate a house with clay and straw with sawdust with your own hands

We will learn the algorithm for the insulation of private houses using straw, clay and sawdust.

The high cost of modern thermal insulation materials often pushes developers to look for an alternative. Not many people know that such an alternative exists. For many years, wall insulation with straw, clay and sawdust has been used as insulation in a fairly large number of private houses.

Home insulation with environmentally friendly materials

The use of natural materials is not only cheaper, but also a much more environmentally friendly option for organizing home insulation. In addition, traditional natural heaters are not inferior to synthetic ones in terms of basic parameters, including thermal insulation.

How to insulate a house with clay and straw with sawdust with your own hands

However, natural insulation should be properly prepared and applied, therefore, house insulation with straw should be done strictly following the technology. We will talk about this below in our article.

Today, in the modern building materials market, we have a wide selection of thermal insulation. Each of the materials has certain characteristics and individual properties, as well as certain requirements for installation technology. But since we are looking for a more environmentally friendly and at the same time effective way of insulating a wooden house, we will focus on the old, but not forgotten method and consider insulating a wooden house with straw.

How to insulate a house with clay and straw with sawdust with your own hands

The disadvantages of this method of thermal insulation include certain labor costs and duration of work.

Red clay is considered optimal for the preparation of an insulating composition. Red clay is quite hygroscopic and plastic. You can also use white clay, which is slightly inferior in these characteristics.

The maximum effect of insulation can be achieved if the insulation is carried out with clay with the addition of sawdust or chopped straw.

It is better to choose sawdust from softwood or oak. When preparing this component for the manufacture of insulation, the sawdust should be dried and soaked in an antiseptic. To protect against rodents, lime should be added to the solution.

Clay-straw warming is also actively used, when chopped straw is introduced into the clay solution instead of sawdust. Most often, the roof or ceiling is insulated with straw, but walls are also insulated.

The preparation of a mixture from the named components is one of the main points in the process of insulating the walls of a frame house. The result of insulation will depend on the quality of the composition. If the proportions were violated during the preparation of the clay mass, the insulation will not perform its functions in full, most likely after drying it will crack and sprinkle.

The process of applying the clay mixture is not that long. It will take more time to dry out the clay layer, which at positive temperatures will take at least a month.

There are several ways to insulate the ceiling with clay.

The traditional method is when the ceiling is insulated with a solution of a mixture of clay and sand in a ratio of 6: 2. Water is added in such an amount that the resulting mixture is similar in consistency to thick sour cream.

The algorithm for warming with clay-sand paste is as follows:

The composition for insulation can consist of clay and sawdust (or chopped straw). Such an insulating mass should have a thicker consistency. Clay and sawdust are taken in a 2: 3 ratio. Warming clay straw is also mixed in a given ratio of elements.

The algorithm of work on insulation with this composition will look like this:

Do not be afraid that after drying, cracks or crevices will appear on the surface of the putty. This is a natural pouring of material. These defects are eliminated with the help of a thin layer of liquid clay, which can be covered from above with a layer of sawdust or earth 5-6 cm thick. After eliminating the cracks, you can start installing the finished floor.

In this case, we are talking about the layering of insulating layers of clay and sawdust alternately.

How to insulate a house with clay and straw with sawdust with your own hands

The layer-by-layer insulation algorithm is as follows:

A wooden flooring can be made on top of the insulation. If the attic is not planned to be used, then the puff insulation can be left unopened.

Despite the fact that most often clay-based mixtures are used to insulate the ceiling, you can also use this insulation to increase the energy-saving properties of the walls of the house.

An important point is the condition that the walls are insulated with a clay mixture only from the outside. The use of this kind of insulation indoors is ineffective and short-lived. Under the influence of humid air, the clay insulation becomes soaked, and with a temporary increase in temperatures, it dries up again. Thus, the clay coating applied to the inner surface of the walls very quickly loses its strength, cracks and crumbles.

However, house insulation clay-straw / reed / sawdust is very well suited for insulation of the outer walls of a frame house or a brick house.

The algorithm for warming the walls of a frame house is as follows:

There is another method of insulating walls with clay, when the insulation of vertical surfaces is carried out using previously prepared clay slabs. Such plates are made very simply:

As we can see, the technology of thermal insulation using clay insulation with the addition of sawdust or straw is quite simple. At the same time, subject to all requirements, this insulation is quite effective. Its use will help you not only to increase the thermal insulation performance of the structure, but also to save significantly. published by econet.ru

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