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How to keep your face youthful: osteopathic practice

The modern lifestyle leads to the fact that more and more people suffer from constant pain in the neck. When the muscles are tight, problems begin with the lymphatic and blood vessels. Blood supply is disturbed, edema, skin rashes, wrinkles and creases are formed. How to slow down the aging process?

The body gets tired of the constant tension of the same muscles and becomes numb. Trying to get rid of the pain, we twist our neck in different directions, but the discomfort does not disappear. Pains indicate that the tissues of the posterior surface of the whole body are in tension, and the neck is a “weak link” here, and muscle spasm is especially acute in it. Therefore, in order to effectively relax the neck, you need to work on the whole body.

Osteopathic practice for a youthful face

Proper body relaxation

The muscles should be stretched gradually, starting from the feet and gradually rising up to the neck area:

Exercises for Effective Neck Relaxation

1. Lateral surface of the neck – IP – standing. Stretch your left hand downward and pull your head to the right. Smoothly tilt your head slightly forward and backward, stretching the side surfaces. Repeat the exercise for the other side.

2. The front surface of the neck – IP – standing. Pull both hands down and slightly forward, and tilt your head back, directing the top of the head towards the floor.

How to keep your face youthful: osteopathic practice

3. The back of the neck – IP – standing. Fold your palms into the lock, place them on the back of your head. While exhaling, lower your head slightly, while inhaling, try to return it, interfering with your palms. Then again, as you exhale, lower your head a little more, and so on until it becomes impossible to tilt. Do the exercise gently, without jerking. Then do exercise 2 again.

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4. Lie on your back with the tips of your thumbs in the triangular grooves located under the back of your head, on either side of the midline. Submerge them until mild pain, feel all the muscles relax and just lie down. published by

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