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How to lower the level of “bad” cholesterol and increase the level of “good”

There are two types of cholesterol in human blood – with low and high density lipoproteins (LDL and HDL, respectively). The first type is harmful to health, since they trigger reactions that provoke clogged arteries. And the second, on the contrary, benefits the vessels and the heart.

HDL is considered “good,” and high levels in the body reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. To prevent the development of disease, it is necessary to lower the level of LDL, that is, “bad” cholesterol and increase the level of HDL. This can be done in several ways.

What is needed to lower the level of “bad” cholesterol and increase the “good”

To prevent an increase in LDL in the blood, the daily intake of cholesterol should not exceed 300 mg. You can consume no more than 30% of fat per day, based on the total calorie content of foods. It should be noted that the proportion of animal fats should be no more than 1/3 of the total fat consumed.

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Switching to the right diet is not difficult. To achieve the optimal balance between “bad” and “good” cholesterol, it is enough to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • eat lean meats (pork tenderloin and fillet, lamb). Smoked meat contains a significant amount of fat, so it must be excluded from the diet;
  • eat fish more often. Fish contains beneficial omega-3 fatty acids that prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases.

How to lower the level of

Benefits of eating small meals

If you eat small amounts of food 5-6 times a day, then the blood will gradually clear of cholesterol and fat. Eating small meals provides for the consumption of 1500 to 2000 kilocalories every day, it is better to distribute them as follows:

  • breakfast and 3 light snacks – 800 kcal;
  • second breakfast – 400 kcal;
  • lunch – 400 kcal.
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You also need to adhere to some recommendations:

  • prepare food using vegetable oil containing polyunsaturated fats;
  • do not consume trans fatty acids – margarine, which increases LDL and lowers HDL. If necessary, use a product without significant animal fat content;
  • minimize the amount of yolk, since it contains about 200 mg of cholesterol. Protein, on the contrary, is good for the body, there is no cholesterol in its composition at all.

Fight cholesterol

Many foods can trigger an increase in LDL. Better to buy those that contain a minimum amount of fat and cholesterol. These include:

  • legumes – beans, peas and other foods contain fiber, which interferes with the production of cholesterol in the liver. Legumes are enough to use half a glass every day. It is better to introduce them into the diet gradually, at first use a couple of times a week, so that the intestines are better adapted to fiber;
  • antioxidants – damage to the arterial walls of LDL occurs only after the action of oxidants, they also negatively affect the cells of our body. This can be prevented by antioxidants – vegetables and fruits;
  • nuts and garlic – you can eat nuts during the day in small quantities (30-60 g). At the same time, you will not feel hungry, since nuts contain healthy fats. And it is enough to eat half a creeper of garlic every day;
  • pectin Is a type of fiber found in apples and citrus fruits. Products containing this substance help to reduce “bad” cholesterol. To obtain the optimal amount of pectin, you can include food additives in the diet by dissolving them in juice or plain water;
  • chromium enhances the action of insulin, at the optimal level of which cholesterol normalizes. To achieve a reduction in LDL cholesterol, it is sufficient to consume 200 mcg of chromium supplement daily. This substance is also found in broccoli, ham, grapefruit.
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Important indicators

How to check your cholesterol level and what should it be? A blood test will help with this. The first test is recommended at the age of 20, then at 40 and check every 5 years. If, according to the analysis, no deviations are found, then there is no need for additional examination.

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Try to monitor your own health and find out how much is in the blood:

  • “Bad” cholesterol, which provokes problems with blood vessels and heart;
  • triglycerides – affecting the development of various diseases;
  • “Good” cholesterol, which is good for the body;
  • total cholesterol level – a separate indicator that allows you to determine the state of health.

In medical practice, the international Si system is used, according to which the following indicators are considered optimal:

  • LDL – in the range from 13.4 to 26;
  • the amount of triglycerides – from 3.9 to 5.2;
  • HDL – 0.5 to 0.32 or higher;
  • total cholesterol level – in the range from 3.9 to 5.2.

In case of deviation from the norm, you must consult a doctor.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Cholesterol levels can change depending on the lifestyle. To always be in good health, exclude:

1. Alcoholic drinks – with the constant use of alcohol in an amount of more than 30 g daily (this is equivalent to two glasses of wine or two glasses of beer), the risk of developing a heart attack and other health problems significantly increases. Drinking alcoholic beverages in the range of 30 g increases HDL, but can also provoke an increase in triglycerides in the presence of a genetic predisposition.

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2. Smoking – Cigarette smoke contributes to the formation of plaque, which can lead to clogged arteries. If you quit smoking after two years, the likelihood of a heart attack will be the same as in people who have never smoked in their life.

It is also helpful to accelerate the blood, making the heart work faster. Practice brisk walking and spend more time outdoors. Any physical activity has a beneficial effect on health. It is enough to perform several exercises for half an hour 3 times a week and a positive result will not keep you waiting. published by

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