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How to make a folding door book with your own hands

Folding doors made of wood are environmentally friendly, attractive, but they are rarely found. We will learn how to make them with our own hands.

A door-book is a rather interesting type of products for decorating an opening and making it with your own hands will not be difficult for those who have at least basic knowledge of the use of various types of fittings. To understand in more detail the process of creating and installing such a door, it is necessary to consider all the stages one by one.

DIY folding doors

  • Design features
  • Materials used
  • Sash manufacturing
  • Coupling mechanism
  • Door installation

Design features

First, you should delve deeper into the design features, this will help you figure out how to design such folding doors with your own hands. The main feature of this type of doors is that their canvas consists of several parts, when opened, they fold together according to the principle of an accordion.

A book door and an accordion door are not the same thing; a book, unlike an accordion, consists of only two or three parts.

Hinged fasteners are used to ensure that the halves fold exactly as they should. You can do with ordinary card loops. But in order for the canvas to move freely in the opening, part of the standard sliding structure was borrowed, but with certain modifications. The canvas is also attached from above, but a roller slider is inserted into the smaller guide, one part of it is attached to the sash, the other to the roller in the guide.

How to make a folding door book with your own hands

Thanks to this design, there are several main advantages of a folded door:

  • saving space, since there is no need for a so-called dead zone for opening the door;
  • greater durability and strength in comparison with a multi-leaf accordion;
  • ease of construction due to the use of thinner pieces of material;
  • you can do it yourself from almost any material.

However, with all this, the following characteristics should be taken into account:

  • insufficient sound and heat insulation;
  • gradual loosening and wear of the mechanism;
  • lower strength compared to compartment and swing doors.

Materials used

In order to make your own door-book, you can use a wide variety of materials. Guides and runners are available at hardware stores. As for the sashes, their manufacture will not be difficult.

First of all, you need to decide for what purpose and type of room you need a similar design. So, for more durable and massive models, you can use wood, plywood or MDF. The latter is the most popular material, its properties satisfy the requirements of a different plan, and the external design is practically unlimited, it can be covered with PVC film, laminate, natural or artificial veneer, etc. The wood must be treated with an antiseptic and varnished.

How to make a folding door book with your own hands

For rooms with high humidity, you can limit yourself to plastic. The choice of such material today is much larger than before, so you can easily find a suitable option. You can also use glass, but only on condition of its preliminary processing: hardening, reinforcement, gluing a protective film, etc. Such doors are more suitable for the role of a partition.

Sash manufacturing

To make a folding door-book with your own hands, first of all, you need to take care of creating the main elements – the leaves of the canvas. For the interior design, MDF will be the best option. First you need to decide on the size of the opening, you need to measure its height and width. The unfolded canvas should fully correspond to the opening, while keeping in mind that several centimeters can be spent on the connection, so think about this moment in advance.

After cutting the material, carefully process the edges, this is necessary in order to protect the MDF from moisture and dirt. If you are doing all the tiling work yourself, it is best to use plastic tape and a stream of warm air for this.

How to make a folding door book with your own hands

If you want to make glass inserts, you need to leave at least 5-7 cm at the edges of the sashes. For greater strength, the glass is fixed in grooves in combination with glazing beads.

Coupling mechanism

An equally important part of the process of making a do-it-yourself book-door is to ensure the movement of the doors, they must be assembled with an accordion, therefore, a hinge mechanism is used to connect them. For thin plates, you can use the same elements as for an accordion. The leaves are inserted into the grooves of the articulated rail. If the thickness of the canvas is large and allows you to fix the loops, it is better to choose this option.

For structural strength, it is best to use 3 hinges for each connection, for a two-leaf – 2 sets, for a three-leaf – 3.

How to make a folding door book with your own hands

To connect the elements of the canvas, standard card cut-in loops are usually used. In order to install them, at the end of each sash you need to make a small depression equal to the thickness of the hinge plate. They are screwed flush with self-tapping screws, while keeping in mind that canopies are attached on one side, and a rod on the other. After connecting the parts, the height of the flaps must completely match, therefore it is recommended to initially hook them without using screws and outline the position of each plate. The extreme sash will subsequently also be hung on the hinges, so you need to install the pivot axle on the opening box.

Door installation

The last stage is directly installing the door. First you need to install the upper guide, it is attached to the upper transverse bar of the box. Ideally, it can be cut into the tray in such a way that there is only a couple of millimeters gap between the canvas and the box. Then, a pre-assembled book-door must be provided with runners; for a double-leaf door, this part is fixed at the upper end from the outer edge. To restrict movement from the opposite side, an additional screw is installed on the rail.

How to make a folding door book with your own hands

To bring the canvas into the guide, you need to press the slider wheel and squeeze it into the rail greased with grease. This can be done even before the final fixation of the elements in the box. By the way, it is not necessary to use a roller mechanism, you can do with hinges alone, but this will significantly weaken the structure.

The last step is to insert the handle and lock, this is done in the same way as for conventional sliding doors. Also don’t forget to install the trims. At this point, the installation process can be considered complete. published by econet.ru

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