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How to make a window ebb silent

Ordinary metal sills on the outside of windows very often make excessive noise when interacting with wind and rain. Let’s find out how to avoid this.

What complaints are most often caused by typical metal drips on the outside of windows? They are very noisy! Rattling in the wind and drumming in the rains. Let’s figure out why the ebb tides make noise and how you can cope with such a problem.

Eliminate the noise of external ebb

Let’s first figure out which windows need ebb tides. Such windows are called “with a quarter”. They are recessed into the facade, because the wall is thicker than a glass unit. As a result, the window moves inside the room, and “quarters” and slopes are made from above, to the right and to the left. As a result, the end of the wall remains at the bottom, on which water will accumulate during precipitation without ebb. This should not be allowed; an ebb tide with a slope is needed to ensure water flow.

Thus, it is generally possible to do without an ebb tide in cases where your window is not recessed into the facade, but is done on a level with it, as in the photo above. This is possible in private houses, if the project involves just such an installation of a glazing thread. But in the overwhelming majority of cases, you have to deal with windows, under which an ebb is needed to protect the protruding end of the wall.

Now let’s figure out why traditional window sills are so noisy. The reasons are obvious:

  • Ordinary ebbs are made from thin materials. The most commonly used are galvanized steel, aluminum, much less often copper and plastic.
  • At one end, such a thin ebb is close to the window profile, but the other end simply hangs in the air, above the facade.

These are the main reasons for the occurrence of unpleasant sounds during wind and rain. Think of musical instruments such as the timpani and the xylophone. They work on the principle of vibrating a metal plate. Therefore, all thin-walled and light membranes emit sounds upon impact and vibration. It’s unavoidable. Moreover, even with the window closed, you will hear this noise – it is transmitted directly through the construction of the glass unit.

How to make a window ebb silentHow to make a window ebb silent

How to make a window ebb silent

What to do, how to ensure that the ebb is silent? Choose a more expensive option – stone, mosaic, tiles, clinker bricks of a special shape. Rub the seams with epoxy grout, which has zero water absorption. Such ebbs, unlike metal ones, will not hang in the air. And they have much more weight, so there will be no drum roll in the rain. It is clear that there is a minus – the price of such a low tide is much higher than the standard one. And it’s more difficult to install it yourself.

How to make a window ebb silentHow to make a window ebb silent

If you don’t have the money for a stone or clinker tide, go for a metal one! It can also be made much quieter:

  1. Securely attach thin metal to the ends of the wall using polyurethane foam. And it won’t hang and vibrate in the wind. Make sure there is no void under the tide.
  2. Add mass. On the underside of the profile, special tapes can be glued, which will make the ebb tide much heavier. Accordingly, it will drum significantly less.
  3. Create sheet sound insulation. You will need Styzol, that is, foil-clad polyethylene foam. It is glued to the back of the ebb in order to provide sound absorption.

According to experts, the use of all three of these methods can significantly reduce noise during rain and wind. Moreover, the ways to make the metallic ebb tide noiseless, as you can see, are simple, inexpensive and affordable. published by econet.ru

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