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How to make the right compost?

We will learn how to make the right compost, which is an excellent natural fertilizer suitable for any type of soil.

Many people believe that composting is a simple matter: put branches, leaves and other organic waste in a box or heap, cover it and wait for it to ripen. Simple, but not quite.

The right compost with your own hands

  • Compost – how to cook
  • Do I need to stir compost
  • How to know if the compost is ripe
  • When is the best time to compost

Properly prepared compost will help the soil to restore vitality and increase fertility, and improve its structure. In practice, every farmer knows exactly how to make compost, and prepares it according to his own – the only correct recipe. In fact, there are a lot of options: they include various ingredients, additives, and are prepared aerobic and anaerobic. It is impossible to describe each in detail in one article, so we will focus on the main ones, time-tested and thousands of farmers.

I foresee the question: why make compost at home, because now you can buy it? You can buy, of course. If only you are sure of the integrity of the manufacturer. Otherwise, you can not help the earth, but harm it. Only by making the right compost with your own hands, you can be 100% sure that this is real “garden gold”.

What you can compost

  • cut grass;
  • fallen leaves;
  • animal manure and bird droppings;
  • peat;
  • sleeping tea and coffee;
  • eggshells, not heat treated;
  • trimming raw vegetables and fruits;
  • thin branches;
  • paper, feathers, natural fabrics (shredded);
  • straw, sawdust, shavings, husks from seeds.

How to make the right compost?

What you can’t compost

  • vegetables and fruits after heat treatment;
  • diseased plants;
  • perennial and seeded weeds;
  • synthetic fabrics and materials;
  • peel from citrus fruits.

How to make the right compost?

There is endless controversy over additives such as, sorry, human, dog and cat faeces. We will leave this question to the personal discretion of the owners of the compost heap – decide for yourself what and how to make compost. Do you think that such an additive will improve the quality of the finished compost – please! If not, just don’t add them. There is no consensus on such additives as the remains of milk, fish, meat, fat and bones.

How to make the right compost?

I will mention one more question that worries many – is it possible to put apples in the compost? According to practicing farmers, the answer is unambiguous: it is possible, it has been tested in practice. If the compost is done according to the rules, the temperature in it reaches + 60 ° C and above, parasitic fungi die under these conditions.

Organic waste can be roughly divided into groups:

  • Nitrogenous: these include manure, poultry manure, grass, raw vegetable and fruit waste.
  • Carbonaceous: these are straw, leaves, sawdust, grass, paper, cardboard.

Compost – how to cook

Lay the scraps of branches, chips on the bottom of the container – they will act as drainage.

How to make the right compost?

Remember: each layer of waste should be 30-50 cm, then a layer of soil 5-10 cm, then ingredients again. The more different types of organic waste we use, the higher the quality of the finished product will be. The word compost is translated as “compound”, which means that it is impossible to make it from one component. Try composting entirely from grass. As a result, you will get either hay or a slippery rotting mass.

How to make the right compost?

For example, a fertilizer from the manufacturer called “Chicken compost”. I was really afraid of what it was made of) I look at the composition: peat, chicken droppings, straw, sawdust and other organic additives. So don’t be afraid to get creative – put everything in your compost heap that will benefit the finished product.

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A richer and more complete compost is obtained, which contains plants that contribute to the rapid formation of humus: chamomile, yarrow, valerian, dandelion. Nitrogen and carbonaceous waste should alternate in layers, as well as dry and wet. To speed up the decomposition process, you can water the pile with a solution of bird droppings or mullein.

Do I need to stir compost

Yes need. The entire mass is enriched with oxygen, the layers are mixed, decomposition occurs faster, so it is easier to control the degree of moisture in the compost. The more often you shovel, the sooner you will get a mature product.

How to know if the compost is ripe

The compost mass should be crumbly, moist and dark in color. And most importantly, mature compost should smell like forest soil.

When is the best time to compost

There is no strict framework here: you can lay layers of organic matter from the very spring, as they become available. In autumn, the harvested tops and fallen leaves are added to the compost. By the way, there are ways to make compost from leaves in a few days!

How to make the right compost?

Didn’t have time to lay the compost heap, and it’s already winter outside? No problem! Advances in science allow us to compost in winter. According to the assurances of the manufacturers of EM drugs, the finished product can be obtained in 2 months.

To prepare quick compost, you will need food waste, earth (10% of the waste volume) and a solution of an EM preparation (Tamir, Urgas, Baikal M1 or any other).

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How to make the right compost?

In a hermetically sealed container we put a handful of waste corresponding to the volume of the earth, moisten it with an EM solution and close it. And so on until the container is full.

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